Sabertron, For All Your Foam Swordplay Needs

LARPers rejoice! A new Kickstarter project, called Sabertron, will allow you and your fellow followers of the great goddess of the Whispering Eye to fight to the death using wirelessly connected foam

BBQ Sword: Swashbuckling meets Deliciousness and has a baby named Fun

I know what you’re thinking: $20 is far too much for a skewer. And normally I’d agree with you, except that this skewer is called the “Swashbuckling BBQ Sword” and features a h

BBQ tools for Zorro, other swashbucklers is, well, something

The idea of “sword fighting with wieners” doesn’t bring the above image to my mind, but maybe I’m a bit off. This is a skewer with a fencing hilt, nothing more, nothing less. I

Top 10 fictional swords? More like bottom 10

I can’t say I agree with this guy’s list of awesome swords. The Headless Horseman’s weak sword? Come on. Go tell this guy what he’s missing – for example Japanese swords

Teen Stabs PS3 Burglar With Samurai Sword

This is, without a doubt, the coolest PS3 story I’ve heard about in a long time. Two burglars broke into a Florida home and started to ransack the place. What they didn’t know is that Dami

Real Life Link Shield Deflects Nerf Weapons, Girls

This one goes the cosplayers in the audience (you know who your are). It’s a full-sized replica of Link’s Hylian Shield. Manufactured by True Swords, its been designed to parry the mightie