Switchcam Video Shuts Down, Facebook Hires Founders

Facebook's mobile video feature is pathetic. No multi-shot recording, multi-clip uploads, stabilization, or editing. Hopefully it will get an update soon, though, as a source has tipped me off that la

Switchcam Pivots To Provide Analytics And Gallery Curation Tools For Musicians And Their Agents

Once upon a time, <a target="_blank" href="switchcam.com">Switchcam</a> was built to find, curate, and stitch together all the best moments from live, public performances that were posted on YouTube.

Mark Cuban And 500 Startups-Backed Switchcam Launches iPhone App And Director Dashboard In Public Beta

Switchcam has been working on a whole new set of tools that will help solve this problem, enabling event organizers to recruit contributors and to manage and curate video submitted by them. There are