• Where to watch Nintendo’s Switch events

    Where to watch Nintendo’s Switch events

    Nintendo’s New York storefront already announced it would be offering up a limited number of pre-orders to eager customers who sign up in person. But that’s apparently just the start of the Switch-related news we can expect over the next couple of days. Tonight at 8PM PT (that’s 1PM tomorrow in Tokyo), the company will be taking to the stage to announce some key information… Read More

  • Switch, With $2 Million In Seed Funding, Is Tinder For Jobs

    Switch, With $2 Million In Seed Funding, Is Tinder For Jobs

    Switch, the Tinder for job apps, has just announced a new investor in the form of Marker VC, closing out their seed round at $2 million. Other investors include Metamorphic, Rhodium, Marker, BAM, SG VC, and Marcel Legrand. Switch lets users search anonymously for jobs through an algorithmic matching process and a UI similar to Tinder. This lets users swipe right or left on potential positions… Read More

  • NoshList Becomes Waitlist Me To Help Businesses Manage Wait Times Across Many Different Industries

    NoshList Becomes Waitlist Me To Help Businesses Manage Wait Times Across Many Different Industries

    Over the last few years, restaurants have used a little app called NoshList to communicate with and provide estimated wait times to their customers, but it found that same functionality had applications across multiple different industries. As a result the company has rebranded the product Waitlist Me to work in lots of new businesses and serve a much broader range of customers. Read More

  • Switch Makes Its Cloud-Based Enterprise Phone System Available To All

    Switch Makes Its Cloud-Based Enterprise Phone System Available To All

    A few months ago we told you about Switch, a new, cloud-based phone system from the makers of UberConference. Launched in beta back in September, the product is now becoming generally available for any businesses that would like to sign up. Read More

  • Switch Is TripAdvisor For Finding A Tech Bootcamp

    Switch Is TripAdvisor For Finding A Tech Bootcamp

    Thanks to the predicted tech talent shortage and uncertainty in other industries, the idea of switching careers to jump to the tech industry is an enticing prospect for many in these less-than-stellar economic times. Read More

  • Fly or Die Review of Amazon Cloud and Color App

    Fly Or Die: How Will Color Solve The Loneliness Problem? (Plus, Amazon Cloud)

    In this week’s episode of Fly or Die, we cover two big launches—Amazon Cloud Drive and Color—and a Quirky DIY pocketKnife called the Switch. Just yesterday, Amazon launched its Cloud Drive, which is a general storage service in the cloud which is being pushed as a media locker, starting with music Color is the $41 million photo app nobody can figure out. Is it the future or… Read More

  • Video: Hands-On With The Quirky Switch Modular Pocketknife

    We’ve been dreaming of the Quirky Switch for months now, ever since it was first announced back in April, 2010 and now that dream is a reality. The Quirky Switch is basically a modular pocket knife that lets you create three sizes of knife using various pieces. I got a unit and discovered that this thing is truly DIY with a full complement of add-ons including a pen, a bottle opener… Read More

  • Medusa HDMI hub: Curiously named, ordinarily equipped

    [photopress:medusahdmi.jpg,full,center] The difference between this Medusa HDMI three-port hub and others like it is primarily, if not entirely, size. The former makes due with a square-shaped body, while the latter—lots of them, at least—gimps along in the shape of a rectangle. Spec-wise, nothing doin’. It supports HDMI 1.3 and 1080p. That’s all you need from a hub… Read More

  • Vista: Switching Back Is Easy To Do

    Nik Cubrilovic, a contributor to TC, recently had a blow-out with his Mac and started using Windows Vista full time. The terrible part? He really, really likes it! Surprisingly, I tend to agree with him. I was very pleased with Vista’s performance on an older machine I have here at home and I now look forward to booting up Windows rather than dreading it. Granted there’s no way… Read More

  • The Real Google Phone?

    This image leaked by Engadget possibly shows some rendition of the Google Phone Venture capitalist Simeon Simeonov has made a post on his VC blog High Contrast that he claims to be an insider tip on the hotly anticipated, yet still speculative, Google Phone. According to Simeonov, Google has charged Andy Rubin with the task of creating the G-Phone. Read More