• SwissMiniGun is two inches long, yet fires 300 mph bullets

    [photopress:minigun1.jpg,full,center] So this here gun, the SwissMiniGun, is only two inches long, yet it’s characterized the same as a machine gun. Why? Mainly because, despite its small size, it can fire real bullets at a speed of nearly 300 mph (real speed: 270 mph). The gun costs something like $6,000. Fancier guns, ones with diamonds and other gaudy gemstones, can be expected to… Read More

  • SwissMiniGun: Microminiature But Still Real

    The SwissMiniGun seems impossibly small, but it’s actually a precision-made pistol that shoots live ammunition. The 2.16-inch Colt Python replica shoots tiny bullets that are scarcely a third of an inch long at a muzzle speed that’s probably not going to kill you, but might put an eye out if you’re not careful. Made with the same technology used to create Swiss watches… Read More