Eat the rich: Swiss International Airlines in flight entertainment comforts the comfortable

Panasonic big screen TVs! Privacy screens! A bottle of human-rendered growth hormone with every seat! That’s what you get in the First Class cabin on Swiss International Airlines, the carrier of

A Swiss man just flew over the English Channel with a jet pack

  Seriously. His name is Yves Rossy and he’s a Swiss airline pilot by day and adventurer by night. The 22-mile flight took him only 10 minutes and he had hoped to reach 125 MPH. He started by

Robot portrait artist to replace the French entirely

Roboteer Sylvain Calinon, who dabbles in human-robot interaction, has created a robot specially designed to put an entire class of Frenchman out of business. He’s Swiss, so that makes some sense

Swiss Bikeboard For Those That Like Going Down Fast

Didn’t get enough time on the slopes this winter and still feel the need to go downhill at breakneck speeds? Well the Swiss are one step ahead of you. Behold the Bikeboard! The original Swiss Bi