swiss army knife

  • Is it time to buy a new Swiss Army Knife?

    The last 50 years have been a mixed bag for the Swiss Army Knife. Computers, phones, and generally not-knife-fixable objects have pervaded our lives and the relevance of a multitool has been reduced. They’ve adapted marvelously, however, offering flashlights and USB drives included in their tools. And really, if you don’t at least have one of these things stored away somewhere… Read More

  • Wow, a Swiss Army Knife with an 8GB flash drive!

    No better way to get beat in the ghetto than by pulling out this Swiss Army Knife and accidentally switching to the 8GB flash drive instead of the knife proper. (Yes, it’s run-on sentence Monday.) The utility knife, which costs $44.38—how precise—also features such 21st century necessities as a pair of tiny scissors, a nail file, pen and screwdriver. The fun never stops! Read More