Daimler pulls the plug on electric smart car sales in US, Canada

Daimler is ending sales of its diminutive all-electric smart fortwo cars in the U.S. and Canada, officially pulling the plug on a vehicle that has struggled to gain ground in North America as the Germ

The Tissot Seastar 1000 is a low-cost and high-quality Swiss diver

In the pantheon of watches there are a few that stand out. Looking for your first automatic watch? Pick up a Seiko Orange Monster. Looking for a piece with a little history? The Omega Speedmaster is y

The X-ONE H1 is a new hybrid smartwatch for the fancy traveler

Since the dawn of smartwatches the fancier watch lovers among us have wanted a mechanical watch with all the features of a smart watch. A few comers have attempted this nearly impossible feat and now

Swatch launches Swatch X You, a custom design system for true watchanistas

Swatch, the fashion watch for the masses, has created Swatch X You, a clever online watch “factory” that lets you pick a face, band, and extra doodads to truly customize your $65 to $85 wa

Swatch is working on its own smartwatch OS

At a moment when it’s hard to be bullish about smartwatches, Swatch isn’t just embracing the category. It’s going all in. Swatch, Switzerland’s biggest watchmaker, isn’t just planning to lau

Swatch’s Bellamy NFC payment watch is hitting Rio in time for the Olympics

Sure, there are still plenty of hurdles left when it comes to pulling off the Olympics in Rio this summer, but paying for stuff apparently won’t be among them. Visa is announcing its third wearable

Meet H. Moser & Cie., The Swiss Watch Company Apple Is Probably About To Sue

Oh, Switzerland, you seem to have it all: fine chocolates, fondue, goats with bells around their necks. But what you don’t have is a sense of how to beat smartwatch makers without looking silly.

Swatch Is Teaming With Visa To Offer Payments From Your Wrist

Swatch and Visa have announced a partnership to enable NFC financial transactions using the the Swatch Bellamy wristwatch. The watches, which Swatch announced in October, are arguably minimalist and a

Omega Announces Its Own Watch Certification System To Add Science To Your Wrist

Why should you, a tech person, care about Omega creating something called the Master Chronometer Certification? Well, first let me tell you what’s up. So nice watches are usually Contrôle Offic

Swatch Reaffirms It’s Building A Smartwatch With Payment Features

Swatch still wants in on the smartwatch game. According to Chief Executive Nick Hayek the watch will be internet-enabled and feature remote-payment functions, although the specifics are still in quest

Unwinding The Swatch Group Smartwatch Announcement

The Swatch Group dropped a bombshell – in its staid way – announcing plans to release a smartwatch in the next three months, potentially to coincide with the April launch of the Apple Watc

Swatch Group Head Nicolas Hayek Jr. Is Putting Smartwatches In The “No Fly Zone”

A source said that Swatch Group head Nicolas Hayek Jr., son of the late SG CEO Nicolas Hayek, is adamant that the company would not be pursuing smartwatches inside Swatch itself or within any of the m

Swatch’s Sistem51 Rethinks The Mechanical Watch

I have a soft spot for mechanical watches which is why the so called Sistem51 (Swatch calls it the shouty <a target="_blank" href="">SISTEM51</a>) is so near a

Swatch Automates Movement Assembly, Pushing Watchmaking Into The Third Quarter Of The 20th Century

While I kid a bit in the headline, this is actually pretty cool: Swatch, the largest manufacturer of mechanical watch movements in the world, has created a movement that is assembled entirely using au

Inside Nivarox, The Most Important Company You’ve Never Heard Of

In the strange, small world of watchmaking, there's lots of money to be made on items that we would call, at best, totemic. To make those items, you still need small mechanical parts. That's where Niv

Swatch Announces Touchscreen Watches

Ugly though they may be, these Swatch watches have a trick up their sleeves. Using the same technology found in the Tissot T-Touch line, these Swatch Touch watches are touch-sensitive and allow you to

The Top 10 Swatch Watches

In honor of the passing of Nicolas Hayek, CEO of the Swatch Group, we decided to wax a little nostalgic about his most breathtaking – and lucrative – product: the Swatch watch. Swatch was

Weekend Giveaway: Sporty Friends Commemorative Olympic Swatch Watch

<img src="" /> Yeah, guys! Do you like Yetis? Penguin things? Vancouver? Well today is your lucky day beca

Swatch to release $8,000 Turn to Him and Turn to Her tourbillons

<img src="">A little bird sent us these images Swatch's upcoming Tourbillon collection, the Turn to Her and Turn to