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How the Apple Watch changed the world

In 2015 Switzerland was fucked. This blunt belief, grunted out by Apple’s Jony Ive and repeated by the media as a death knell for the watch industry, seemed to define a sad truth: that the Swiss

The Tissot Seastar 1000 is a low-cost and high-quality Swiss diver

In the pantheon of watches there are a few that stand out. Looking for your first automatic watch? Pick up a Seiko Orange Monster. Looking for a piece with a little history? The Omega Speedmaster is y

Swatch Reaffirms It’s Building A Smartwatch With Payment Features

Swatch still wants in on the smartwatch game. According to Chief Executive Nick Hayek the watch will be internet-enabled and feature remote-payment functions, although the specifics are still in quest

Swatch Group Head Nicolas Hayek Jr. Is Putting Smartwatches In The “No Fly Zone”

A source said that Swatch Group head Nicolas Hayek Jr., son of the late SG CEO Nicolas Hayek, is adamant that the company would not be pursuing smartwatches inside Swatch itself or within any of the m

Competitive Ruling Will Bring New Generation Of Swiss-Made Smartwatches

The Swatch Group has long been the primary movement supplier to the majority of Swiss (and non-Swiss) watch manufacturers. These movements - essentially the guts of the watch - have powered 60% of the

CrunchDeals: Swatch Group Sample Sale happening in New York on November 13

For those of you living in the Windy Apple we present the Swatch Group Sample Sale. This year it’s at the Metropolitan Pavillion on 18th street and it runs from 10am-8pm on November 13 and 8am t