SVB 2023 crash

Silicon Valley Bank’s new CEO urges customers to bring deposits back

SVB’s new CEO Tim Mayopoulos has had a lot to say in the 24 hours since he joined the bank on Monday. In a private Zoom meeting run by SVB for a select number of LPs and investors, he asked clie

First Republic bounces back as SVB panic lessens

Shares of First Republic Bank, a financial institution in the United States that does business with startups, are rebounding today after a punishing start to the trading week. Caught in the wake of th

3 investors presage the future of startups and VC following SVB’s downfall

"There's going to be an extreme shift in general in the financial industry when it comes to financing startups."

Silicon Valley Bank’s new CEO sends letter to clients: ‘We are conducting business as usual’

Silicon Valley Bank’s clients received a surprising email in their inboxes late Monday evening from the bank’s new CEO Tim Mayopoulos stating that the institution was not only open, it was also bu

Daily Crunch: HSBC buys Silicon Valley Bank UK, says ‘customers should not notice any changes’

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SVB’s mess could become stablecoins’ problem

After USDC depegged from $1 last week, many are questioning whether SVB’s collapse has bigger implications on the stablecoin ecosystem

Some international regulators froze assets of local SVB branches

As the situation is starting to solidify around Silicon Valley Bank, many international companies that interacted in one way or another with the regional U.S. bank are now trying to understand the imp

Mercury expands FDIC insurance up to $3M through new Vault product

Mercury, a startup that provides banking services for other startups, is offering customers expanded FDIC insurance of up to $3 million via a new product in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank’s col

The one where Alex and Natasha catch the Equity audience up on SVB

Hello and welcome back to Equity, the podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is Alex and we are here to do our Monday show, a kicko

Signature Bank seizure creates obstacles for crypto industry while promoting ‘unbanked’ innovations

Unease is rising in crypto after federal regulators seized Signature Bank, Silvergate Capital wound down operations, and Silicon Valley Bank collapsed.

Bitcoin rallies over 18% in 24-hour span in wake of SVB crisis

The value of major cryptocurrencies rose Monday in the wake of U.S. government plans to protect SVB and Signature Bank depositors.

Etsy begins processing seller payments via alternative partners after delays caused by SVB implosion

Etsy is starting to process seller payments via its other payment partners this morning following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. On Friday, the online market

First Republic Bank shares plunge, prompting trading halt as startups process SVB crash

Shares of First Republic Bank fell sharply in early trading this morning, which caused trades of the company to be paused due to volatility. That implies investor discomfort with the financial institu

As the SVB dust begins to settle, what’s ahead for startups, VCs and the banking industry?

With the dust settling on a pretty miserable, if brief, chapter in the startup world, let's sit back and consider what we've learned and what's ahead.

SVB Financial is also looking for a buyer for SVB Securities and its SVB Capital VC division

Frenetic buyer interest in SVB Bank may have cooled a little this morning after the U.S. government announced a backstop, with existing deposits covered while SVB Bank remains under the control of the

Life360, Sezzle, Unity, AppLovin and Wish disclose exposure to SVB in new statements

Though the Federal Reserve stated on Sunday that Silicon Valley Bank’s depositors, both uninsured and insured, will be made whole, several more tech firms disclosed their exposure to SVB over th

After SVB failure, regulators close crypto-friendly bank Signature Bank

Signature Bank is the second casualty of the ongoing banking crisis in the U.S. The New York-based financial institution stopped operating abruptly on Sunday — customers will be made whole. Regulato

UK tech ecosystem reacts to the news of SVB UK’s acquisition by HSBC

U.K. tech founders, investors and ecosystem leaders have been giving their reactions to the news that SVB UK will be rescued by HSBC. The bank purchased the operation for a nominal £1 overnight, aver

HSBC acquires Silicon Valley Bank UK in last-minute deal, says all depositors’ money is safe

HSBC UK is acquiring Silicon Valley Bank UK for a symbolic £1. The deal comes after a tense weekend of frantic negotiations by the U.K. government, regulators and a suite of other potential suitors i

Silicon Valley’s surreal weekend

As Silicon Valley Bank collapsed before our eyes on Thursday, a founder told me that the world felt like it did when COVID-19 first bared its teeth. I scoffed at his analogy at first: Are we really us
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