As a scuba diver, I would gladly trust my life to the Apple Watch. Here’s why.

Earlier today I wrote a piece about Apple Watch Ultra’s new scuba-diving feature, and a lot of folks came out of the woodwork to tell me they wouldn’t trust a “dive toy” to kee

Scuba-diving veterans Suunto should be terrified of the Apple Watch Ultra

Apple has a long history of putting legacy businesses out of business, and it looks like dive computers are next. The company just announced that its newest watch can be used as a full-on scuba-diving

Suunto’s MoveSense makes developing your own fitness tracker way easier

Design, sourcing, miniaturization and manufacturing of a product as complicated as a fitness tracker is all ludicrously complicated, and often isn't core to its functionality. Suunto has shoved the se

Suunto Adds Active Mapping To Their Ambit Smart Watch

In a real first for a GPS watch, Suunto has added a mapping feature to their <a target="_blank" href="">Ambit smartwatch</a> via a free update. The watch previously supporte

Suunto Elementum Terra All Black Watch Is All Black

This is just a new color variation on an existing model from Suunto, but damn is it a looker. The all-black casing and negative display make for a stealthy look, and it retains all the sweet functions

Suunto Core Extreme Edition Silver Watch Review

<img src="">A few years ago Suunto first released the Core. It was to be a stylish, highly variable in design,

Review: Suunto Core Light Black

<img src="" /><strong>Short version:</strong> The Core Light Black is a multifunction timepiece designed by Suunto, a Finnish company. T

Review: Suunto t6c training watch

<img src="" />I've been testing quite a few training watches of late. Mostly it's because I've been trying to g

Suunto X10 GPS watch is ready for an adventure

Suunto watches are fun. This latest wrist-computer gizmo improves on the companies X9i GPS watch with even stronger GPS tech. Plus, the company throws in an altimeter, barometer, digital compass, ther

Suunto launches new line for the ladies

Suunto is launching 11 new models just for the ladies, breaking their long tradition of building some of the beefiest watches on the planet and toning things down a bit. Don’t worry, guys. There

Track Your Adventures With Suunto X9i

The Suunto X9i is a powerful wristwatch for anyone who likes to travel or participate in extreme sports. The X9i features a GPS system, barometer, compass, water resistance, an altimeter and a menu-ba

Suunto X9i Watch Reviewed And Looking Adventurous!

So are you feeling a bit adventurous lately and also need a new wristwatch? Look no further than the Suunto X9i say the dudes over at Spungle. Big and bulky, this bad boy isn’t just a watch, but an

Suunto t3: It's Got it All

We like Suunto – they make a nice watch with lots of features and have a cetain style that makes their watches look less like wrist computers than dinner plates with numbers. The t3 includes a h