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  • Angaza Raises $4M To Make Clean Energy Affordable For World’s Poorest

    Angaza Raises $4M To Make Clean Energy Affordable For World’s Poorest

    Often, off-grid rural villages in places like Africa have their electricity generated by energy devices, like solar panels and batteries, donated by non-profit organizations and charities. The problem, however is that model is not sustainable and relies of yet more charitable hand-outs. What’s required is to make clean energy scale in self-supporting way. Luckily the rise of the mobile… Read More

  • Business Models For Sustainable Electricity Crunch Network

    Business Models For Sustainable Electricity

    As varied as the quirky spectrum of people dressed from t-shirts and shorts to suits and ties at SXSW Eco in Austin was the spectrum of sustainability topics covered — from improving fashion’s supply chain to building transportation hyperloops. For the first time ever, though, the workhorse of energy sustainability, the electric grid, was also tackled as a focal point. Read More

  • SolarCity Acquires Silevo To Become A Large-Scale Solar Panel Producer

    SolarCity Acquires Silevo To Become A Large-Scale Solar Panel Producer

    Elon Musk’s SolarCity has acquired Silevo, a solar panel manufacturing and design firm that produces low-cost, high-output photovoltaic cells, the company announced today. The deal will help SolarCity “achieve a breakthrough” in solar power pricing thanks to “massive economies of scale,” according to a blog post on the SolarCity website. Already, the company… Read More

  • Home-sized fuel cells are on the way

    If you thought solar panels were too expensive to put on your house, wait ’till you hear this one. Bloom Energy, a clean energy start-up in Silicon Valley, said “Hello world” yesterday, unveiling a rather revolutionary solid oxide fuel cell unit. If all goes to plan, it should be able to put your house completely off the grid. There’s a 60 Minutes spot after the jump. Read More

  • Recycling may save, but trash can power your home

    If you live in Spain that is. University of Zaragoza researchers have been looking into using various forms of solid waste to generate electricity for the nation, up to as much as 7%. What is it lately with all this decaying matter being useful? Read More

  • Cellphone chargers are ruining the environment

    Natural Philosophy Professor David J.C. MacKay at the University of Cambridge has posted a 409 page rough draft of his book on sustainable energy. Called “Sustainable Energy-without the hot air,” the guide debunks myths about ‘green’ energy sources and make consumption easily quantifiable and comparable by expressing the energy use of everyday activities such as driving… Read More