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  • Move Along, No Panopticon To See Here

    Move Along, No Panopticon To See Here

    Last week Wikileaks–remember them?–released a sheaf of documents about the Trapwire security system, which, depending on who you believe, is either a network of cameras being used to spy on everyone everywhere, or an ineffective bust more notable for shady business practices than any successful surveillance. Is it being used for “monitoring every single person via facial… Read More

  • Don't like being on camera? Then don't go to New York City!

    Officials in New York have started laying the groundwork for a gigantic influx of surveillance cameras in Manhattan. This is in response, of course, to the weekend’s attempted car bomb attack in Times Square. (Incidentally, I had walked through Times Square the Sunday morning after the situation trying to find Super Street Fighter IV and was shocked at all the cops walking around. I… Read More