surveillance camera

  • Sanyo unveils full HD surveillance system based on Xacti technology

    Most surveillance cameras have two problems: They only deliver pictures in black and white or/and feature super-low resolution only, sometimes even producing basically useless footage. But now Sanyo in Japan is selling the VCC-HDN1(S) [JP], a full HD network surveillance camera that’s based on Xacti technology. For example, it’s using the same image processing engine built into… Read More

  • 2 examples for Japanese style nonthreatening CCTV cameras

    Surveillance cameras can sometimes give you a creepy feeling (especially the ones you can’t directly see) but the nation of cute- and friendliness, Japan, now offers two solutions for that problem. One example of a “friendly” CCTV camera is the Daruma surveillance doll. Daruma is a wish doll in Nippon so that many Japanese people see the little guy in a positive light by… Read More

  • New surveillance camera connects to Bluetooth mobile phones

    Yesterday Panasonic Communications Japan unveiled a new surveillance camera [JP] that links to Bluetooth-enabled cell phones, PCs or car navigation systems. The BB-HCM547 is the first model from the company that can be installed on ceilings. Panasonic says users are not required to wire the camera as one Ethernet cable is enough to operate it. It has a field of vision extending 350 degrees… Read More