• OpenAI’s Universe is the fun parent every artificial intelligence deserves

    OpenAI’s Universe is the fun parent every artificial intelligence deserves

    Every parent’s worst nightmare is a student spending more time playing video games and surfing the web than studying for school. But the team over at OpenAI believes that a “fun parent” approach could actually bring us all one step closer to the elusive generalized intelligence. Its new tool, Universe, was created to train and measure AI frameworks with video games… Read More

  • Trace Is An Action Sports Motion Tracker Plus App For Quantified-Self Surfers, Skaters, Skiers

    Trace Is An Action Sports Motion Tracker Plus App For Quantified-Self Surfers, Skaters, Skiers

    Quantified selfers who are also surfers, skateboarders (or skiers/snowboarders) won’t be feeling so left out of the tracking trend if this Kickstarter campaign hits its funding goal. Trace is a monitoring device for action sports practitioners to catch data on every wave, turn, flip, landing and so on — and a corresponding app so they track their performance and see how they… Read More

  • Oh yes you can bike to the beach with your surfboard

    Now that Peter’s gone, someone has to step up and cover surfing stuff. And since I grew up in Minnesota, to say that I’m an expert on surfing culture, surfing technology, and surfing equipment would be a colossal understatement — Minnesota is THE center of the surfing universe. So let’s take a look at this weird-but-wonderful surfboard bike rack. Read More

  • Nixon Ground Swell surf pack

    I’m in the market for a new surf pack and Nixon’s Ground Swell just might fit the bill. It’s only $70 and comes with a waterproof wetsuit pocket that can be accessed via a side zipper. The outer shell and zippers are also waterproof. I’m sure I can stuff a shortie in there, but what about my 4/3 wetty? Nixon via Uncrate Read More

  • $100K TyphoonHD4 used underwater for the first time

    So the BBC has an upcoming six-part series dubbed South Pacific and to help create some hype for the show they released this footage of Dylan Longbottom in “a 12 foot monster barrel wave.” Before I spout off about why that statement is ridiculous I’ll get through the rest of the nitty gritty. Aussie cameraman Bali Strickland was in the water filming Longbottom with a… Read More

  • Hands-on with Dragon's upcoming eyewear line

    Spring is just around the corner and the sun is slowly poking its head out through the clouds here in NYC. I’ve been rocking polarized Electric Hi-Fis for the last couple years, but I think it’s time for a new set of shades for this year. I sat down with Dragon yesterday and they gave me a peek at some new shades for this coming year. If you’re a snowboarder or motocross… Read More

  • Oakley, Surfline launch free surf report app: Surf Report

    I haven’t run into any surfers with iPhones, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. Today, Oakley (the guys that make those hideous Thump sunglasses) and Surfline announced their free app: Surf Report. There’s only one other surf-forecasting app, GreenRoom Surf Forecasts, available today and it costs $2.99. It’s limited to spots in California, but you can get… Read More

  • Freestyle Audio updates their waterproof MP3 player lineup with the Soundwave

    Look at what the cat dragged in. Freestyle Audio (you remember them, right?) has updated their product line with a more rugged MP3 player, the Soundwave. It’s waterproof up to 10 feet, which is perfect for most water sports like surfing except for diving and comes with 2GB built-in, which trumps the Sport’s 1GB of built-in memory. It boasts an 18-hour battery life, FM radio… Read More

  • Video: Dell taps Mike Ming for five new Special Art Edition laptops Oh, how I loves me some graffiti laptops. Brooklyn-based Mike Ming is front and center once again with five new Dell Studio 15 and 17 laptops. Read More

  • I don't need anymore gadgets for Christmas, thank you very much

    To be perfectly honest I haven’t thought about what I’d want for Christmas until now. Like most of us at the Gear, I’m content with the arsenal of gadgets I own. My MacBook (despite my issues with Leopard, which is probably a hardware issue, anyways) is rock solid and perfect for what I do, doesn’t need to be upgraded. My Pentax K100D Super has been my longest… Read More

  • Bunny lovin' board shorts

    I know it’s winter, but I can still think about 80 degree water and peeling left point breaks. I’m pretty picky about board shorts because the cheap-o kind from Wal Mart or uber expensive POS from Abercrombie will make you chafe or give you a crazy rash. Why? Because they don’t know diddly about making proper board shorts. You want a pair that stretches a bit and moves with… Read More

  • GroundSurf: Bluetooth surfboard?

    I’d like to think that I’m the expert on surf-related gadgets, at least around CG, and I know when certain gadgets are good, but I find myself scratching my head over this one. Here’s the GroundSurf. You’ll notice it has three wheels with the front wheel having an electrical motor. That’s cool, let’s try and make people even more lazy than they already are. Read More

  • Freestyle Audio 512MB Sport Review

    The Freestyle Audio Sport is the perfect solution for any athlete whose playing field is in or around water. The FA can be submerged up to 10 feet and still deliver a healthy dose of tunes for you to get jacked up on. Rather than shelling out a few hundred bucks for an iPod and then getting a waterproof case, which turns your arm into something out of a sci-fi flick, take a look at… Read More

  • Limited-edition Nixon Lowdown SS

    Next to Duke Kahanamoku, Jack’s Surfboards is the name in surfing. Jack’s is turning 50 this year and to celebrate this grand occasion, Nixon has released a limited-edition Lowdown dubbed the “SS” featuring a gold-plated case and buckle custom engraved with “Jack’s Surfboards 50th Anniversary” on the caseback. Check out Jack’s for the… Read More

  • Surfboard With Two Way Radio and GPS = Vaporware

    Surfers are a strange bunch and don’t take to gadgets very well. I feel awkward when testing out cameras that strap to my wrist and MP3 players that just get in the way. So the concept of this surfboard makes me apprehensive if I were looking at it from a shaper’s perspective. The radio and GPS units are going to have some girth and that does not bode well for shapers because of… Read More

  • Reef Babes On All Your Gadgets

    Reef is an innovative company in the world of flip-flops and now they’re getting into the Skins business. Yeah, I know, it’s 2007, but people are always looking for the hottest skins out there and these are it. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want Miss Reef May on your Macbook because I’d have to call you a dirty liar and then slap you. Skins are available for a wide… Read More

  • CG Surfer Edition: Reef Sandals Stash Your Booze And Bills

    If there’s one thing I miss more than surfing everyday back home in sunny California, it’s wearing flip-flops. I really hate wearing shoes. Reef’s are my sandals of choice, hands down. I probably have six pairs and I’m always looking for more. I saw the DRAM the other day and it put a smile on my face because the weather is getting better and the ladies are slowly… Read More

  • OSIM uSurf Not So Owesome

    I’m normally pretty stoked to see surf related products in the mainstream but as usual I’m always disappointed. The OSIM uSurf definitely takes top honors as the biggest waste of $500 I have ever seen in my entire life. Sure it rocks back and forth and front to back but come on! This item is crap as a cross training tool and it definitely doesn’t look very fun. Essentially… Read More

  • Digital Hero 3 Gets Even Wetter

    I know this isn’t the most cutting edge digi cam at CES but since there are some watermen/women in the audience this is for you. The Digital Hero 3 is a 3-megapixel, wrist-mounted, waterproof sports digital camera. Along with 3-megapixel pics it also takes 30fps of VGA video with sound. So you can show all your friends how you got barrelled off your ass in Indo or how you kooked it out in… Read More

  • Board(Bored)Fisher

    And the winner of the lamest thing I’ve ever seen goes to…BoardFisher! Who would pay $75+ to bungee a crate on their surfboard? Not me! Point and laugh, I did. Lamest Thing Ever [BoardFisher] Read More