• The Microsoft Surface Becomes An AR.Drone Remote

    Man, I love me some AR.Drone. It’s literally the coolest thing I’ve used in a long time. And the best part? It just gets cooler. This video shows us what I’m assuming is a non-doctored video of a WinWise employee using a Microsoft Surface to control a Parrot AR.Drone. Read More

  • Pen and finger interface on a Surface looks extremely Courier-like

    Hmm. What does this remind me of? Oh, that’s right, the Courier. The ability to use both finger and pen on the Courier concept seems like it would benefit from these UI elements — and probably is. I doubt the two projects could be working on ideas so complementary and not be aware of each other. Or could they? Whatever the case, it looks pretty cool. When I talk about… Read More

  • Texas Hold 'em on the Microsoft Surface

    Games like this are exactly why Microsoft Surface is going to be a compelling platform. Some students ported Texas Hold ’em to Surface, but added the ability to look at your cards from a mobile device. Placing a bet is as easy as dragging a chip on to the playing field, and you can even split a chip’s denomination by tapping it. I’d be interested to see what the final version… Read More

  • The iTable continues to develop and show gaming potential

    We’ve told you about the iTable before, and PQ Labs. They showed off their latest stage in the development process at CeBIT this year, by installing the screen into a coffee table. The newest version can register up to 32 touch points and actually determine the shape of the object being placed on the screen. Read More

  • Microsoft Surface could go mobile with this miniature projected version

    One of the universal complaints about the Surface is its size — and competitors like the iTable, Displax, and FlatFrog are attempting to strike at that weak point before Microsoft comes out with the inevitable flat version. But if this nascent project being pursued by Microsoft Research bears fruit, the next version of the Surface might not have a screen at all. Read More

  • Hands-on: D&D on the Microsoft Surface
    I just returned from the Microsoft campus (well, I stopped for a panini), where students from Carnegie Mellon University are showing off their awesome project, a version of D&D that runs on the Surface. Now, before you start… Read More

  • Coming to PAX? Be sure to check out the Surface

    If you’re coming up to the Emerald City to hit up PAX, there are a lot of things you’re probably going to want to check out. But I’m going to make a point of dropping by the console free play room, where it is whispered there will be a Surface loaded with every Penny Arcade comic as well as PAX-related media and games. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play with one… Read More

  • Windows 7 and Microsoft Surface play well together

    A couple weeks ago we got an early demo of the Surface SP1 update, and saw that one of the goals of which was to improve Windows-Surface cross-compatibility and encourage developers to make their apps touch-compatible. Looks like that work goes both ways, as it appears that Surface content and functionality is going to be kicking it with Windows 7. Check out the video inside. Everyone… Read More

  • Microsoft Surface SP1 adds features, better support

    This last Friday, a few of the developers behind Microsoft Surface took some time out of their schedules to meet with us and talk about what’s coming in their Surface Service Pack 1, due to be rolled out today. Now, it’s called a service pack for a reason — as opposed to a fun pack — this update is a response to the requests and concerns of the community using and… Read More

  • Videos: The future as seen by Microsoft

    Ladies and germs, behold the wonders of what’s to come. Someday we will live in a world that is filled with Microsoft Surface-like devices and everything will blend seamlessly together. Our notebooks will become manufacturing facilities and scanners. Shopkeeper’ countertops will be large touchscreens and our desks will be virtual desks. The future, according to Microsoft, will be… Read More

  • Microsoft making a big investment in Surface

    Microsoft is spending quite a bit of money to make sure you are going to be able to use their Surface technology with Windows 7. They are the major partner in a venture funding investment to a company that makes touch screen hardware. Read More

  • Look out, Microsoft Surface – the iTable might just trump you in every way

    Who would have thought that one of the coolest things we’ve seen at CES would be hidden in a 10×10 booth at the very back of the South Hall? Like a diamond in the rough, there sat the PQ Labs iTablet. They’ve essentially taken the idea behind the Microsoft Surface and have done it better in every way. It’s cheaper, it’s gorgeous, and perhaps most notably… Read More

  • Watch out, Surface; GestureTek is straight frontin'

    I guess you don’t know you’re leading the pack unless you hear the other dogs barking at your heels. GestureTek is a company that puts out touch- and gesture-based interactive screens in more various forms than the Microsoft Surface project. From what I can tell, it doesn’t track as exactly or as reliably as the seriously stress-tested Surface, but it also has a more… Read More

  • Microsoft About To Open Surface For Developers In Search For Killer App

    At this week’s Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft is set to make a slew of announcements about its product lines, and hopefully show a glimpse of some exciting new ones. One of the first gems to surface is that the company is about to give a broad group of developers the ability to create applications for its Surface tabletop computer for the first time. Everyone who attends… Read More

  • Microsoft Office Labs Releases "Touchless" Multi-Touch Software As An Open-Source SDK

    No, Microsoft is not getting into the car-wash business. But it is releasing “Touchless,” multitouch software from Microsoft Office Labs that uses a regular Web camera and everyday objects as input. You can think of this as a low-end version of its Touchwall technology, which uses more precise lasers to detect movement and objects. The software developer kit is available now… Read More

  • Microsoft Surface SDK to be released at PDC

    Excellent. Microsoft will be doing the unveiling at the Professional Developer Conference at the end of the month, so it should get some good exposure. I got to watch a developer put together an app at Surface HQ a few months ago, and he convinced me that the library and SDK are such that fun and interesting apps can be made relatively easily, and taking advantage of the Surface’s… Read More

  • Video: Surface has an election app too Remember that Election 08 iPhone app I wrote up a couple days ago? Looks like Microsoft Research has been thinking along the same lines and in honor of the voting season has unleashed some election-orientated applications for the Surface. And because of the “M” in “MSNBC,” they got a pretty extensive little… Read More

  • IFA 2008: The Coffee Shop of the Future

    In the Home Appliances section of IFA 2008 in Berlin there are dozens of brands of coffee makers, most doling out freshly-brewed Joe to bleary-eyed conventioneers. Interestingly enough, some of the companies are using cool interactive displays, much like Microsoft Surface, in an effort to catch our attention. Read More

  • First Modular Multi-Touch LCD Screen Takes Aim At Microsoft

    MultiTouch, a company specializing in, you guessed it, multi-touch technology, today launched the world’s first modular multi-touch LCD screen, which will allow owners to create screen tables and walls to their desired size. Dubbed The MultiTouch Cell, each LCD screen unit is available in both 32- and 46-inch sizes and offers Full HD capability. The Cells can be positioned in portrait… Read More

  • A Peek At New Microsoft Surface Apps (Drum Set, SurfaceDJ, and BMW Kiosk)

    What can you do with a Microsoft Surface touch-screen computing table, other than use it as an expensive interactive kiosk in AT&T wireless stores? Design shop VectorForm has a few ideas. It has been pumping out prototype Surface apps for the last five months, and now has a Surface blog to document it all. For pure tactile enjoyment, it’s hard to beat the Vector Drum Kit (see… Read More

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