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Microsoft launches Windows 10 on ARM, with HP and ASUS promising 20+ hours of battery life

Windows laptops and tablets have traditionally run on X86 processors from the likes of Intel and AMD. Microsoft experimented with using ARM-based processors when it launched the Surface RT and Windows

Microsoft Would Really Prefer If You Called The Surface RT Just “Surface” From Now On

Microsoft has renamed, or partially unnamed its Surface RT tablet to merely the “Surface.” The Surface RT struggled in the market through its first year in the wild. It has been mostly rep

Microsoft Releases Code To Fix Surface RT Tablets Borked By Windows RT 8.1 Upgrade

The Windows RT 8.1 upgrade <a href="">is on hiatus</a> until Microsoft can fix an

Bing For Schools Launches, Ditching Ads And Rewarding Searches With Surface RT Tablets For Schools

Microsoft previewed its Bing for Schools initiative back in June, an opt-in program for educational institutions that allows schools to sign up to offer a version of Bing to their students that drops

Microsoft Doesn’t Want To Admit Windows RT Is Dead

Microsoft is in a tough spot. Windows RT is all but dead in the water. But Microsoft has approximately a zillion and a half Surface RT tablets collecting dust in warehouses. And so Ballmer and Co. con

Microsoft Experiences Its Biggest Drop Of The Century As Shares Fall 12 Percent

Microsoft shares (<a target="_blank" href="">NASDAQ:MSFT</a>) dropped 12.2 percent, representing the biggest single-day drop in over 13 years. On April 24, 2000

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Surface RT, Moto X, And The Seattle Meetup

Hello and welcome to another Friday. It's a scorcher out there, AMIRITE? But we're here to cool things down a bit with yet another episode of the <a href="">

Microsoft Still Hopes You’ll Buy A Surface RT, Launches New “Surface Vs. iPad” Ad

Sometimes it feels like Microsoft just can't help itself. After yesterday's disastrous earnings report was made even worse because Microsoft had to reveal how badly the Surface RT had been selling, th

Microsoft Finally Reveals That No One Wanted The Surface RT

Windows RT is a dog. We've been saying that from the beginning. We weren't alone. It's very hard to find a positive review of Windows RT, and more specifically, the nine-month-old Microsoft Surface wi

Surface RT Price Cut Shows That Niche Hardware Doesn’t Fly

I'm a big fan of the Surface... Pro. It is, in short, one of the most original Windows machines I've ever used and is far more fun to carry than anyone gives it credit for. However, the Surface RT - i

Microsoft’s Cheap Shot At The iPad Actually Points Out Exactly Why Windows 8 Tabs Suck

Being behind in a market sucks, and it's understandable to want to lash out at the top dog, as Microsoft has shown it's willing to do with Google in search and email, and now with Apple in tablet comp

Microsoft Surface: From Idea To Pro

When it comes to designing new hardware, most companies are pretty quiet about the design process. Microsoft, with its <a target="_blank" href="

Microsoft, The Web Is No Longer Good Enough; Windows RT Needs Apps And Fast

I loathe using some websites. Twitter and Facebook are horrific on the web when compared to their iOS/Android apps. I simply refuse to use Zillow's website; I'll wait until my kids are done with the i

Microsoft Rumored To Deliver Three New Surface Tablets In 2013

A relatively reliable MSFT tipster <a target="_blank" href="">@MS_nerd</a> recently <a target="_blank" href="