Surface Pro 3

Hands On With Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3

Microsoft's newest Surface, the Surface Pro 3, is an interesting gadget. Akin to its predecessors, it sits somewhere between a tablet and a laptop. In Microsoft's estimation, the Pro 3 can replace you

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Bug A-Salt, And OnePlus One

It's been a wild week in the land of gadgets. Microsoft unveiled its latest and greatest generation of the <a href="

The Little Surface That Didn’t

Earlier today when Microsoft's Surface event was wrapping, and Greg Chiemingo took to the stage to head off a stampede of writers trying to get their hands on the latest device, tweets were still kick

A Walk Through The Surface Pro 3, Microsoft’s Ultralight Laplet

To top off our cavalcade of Surface coverage today, I present a very quick walk-through of the Surface Pro 3 with a special guest star. So far, the laplet (laptop-tablet) is quite an improvement over

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Sings A Better Tune, But In A Frequency Only Few Can Hear

Microsoft announced its third-generation Surface device today, and the Intel Core-powered line of tablet/notebook hybrids mainly tries to tackle the same problem as its predecessors: How do we build a

The Surface Pro 3 Is Microsoft’s Answer To The MacBook Air. Again.

Microsoft just announced the Surface Pro 3 and a new direction for the Surface line. Microsoft is no longer looking to counter the iPad. The Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft's answer to the "heavy" MacBook

Microsoft Announces The Surface Pro 3 With A 12″ Screen, $799 Starting Price Tag

This morning at an event in New York City, Microsoft announced that it is releasing a new Surface device, the Surface Pro 3. The new tablet hybrid sports a 12" screen, as expected. Interestingly, t