Surface Pro 3

Enterprise Users Will Fuel Shipments Of Large Tablets, Says Strategy Analytics

Shipments of tablets are struggling as phablets like the iPhone 6 Plus become more popular. Enterprise users, however, may be the tablet’s saving grace, boosting sales of higher-end models like the

Microsoft Preps Its New Surface Tablet Hybrid For “Mass Deployments”

Microsoft's new Surface 3 tablet received an update today aimed at helping large organizations deploy the small tablets across their personnel. The unnamed update, according to Microsoft, will assist

Microsoft Acquires Surface 3 Pen Tech From N-trig

Microsoft has confirmed the acquisition of pen technology used in the Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3, from supplier and longtime partner N-trig. The Israeli company is a key patent-holder for digital sty

Adobe Touch Workspaces Show What The Microsoft Surface Can Be With A True Creative Focus

Adobe’s Touch Workspaces are new UI tools for Illustrator and Photoshop that were introduced in the CC 2014 update of those applications, providing a friendly interface for touch devices with hi

Microsoft Updates How The Surface Pro 3 Handles Wi-Fi

Microsoft released a set of updates for its Surface Pro 3 tablet today,  including fixes for the tablet-hybrid’s Wi-Fi connectivity, a part of the device’s performance that some have flag

Microsoft Gets In The Holiday Spirit With Latest Apple-Bashing Ad

Microsoft is up to its old tricks again, and just in time for the holidays. The latest ad out of Redmond pits its Surface Pro 3 against the MacBook Air, and with all the holiday cheer and spirit you'd

Microsoft Promises Its Surface Project Is Here To Stay

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made the pitch this morning that his company’s Surface project is here to stay, hoping to convince potential business customers that investing in the tablet-hybrids

The Surface 2 Slow Fade

The 64GB SKU of the Surface 2 is sold out on Microsoft's website, and, according to a sales person that Neowin spoke to, it likely won't be restocked. The sales rep said the company is looking to get

Microsoft Promises More Surface Pro 3 Inventory Amid Tight International Supply

I really need to learn how to bet. Today in a blog post, Microsoft’s Brian Hall promised that Microsoft will get more Surface Pro 3 inventory to the parts of the world where supply of the device

Microsoft Rolls Out Surface Pro 3 To 25 New Markets

In keeping with prior expectations, Microsoft is currently in the process of rolling out its Surface Pro 3 tablet-hybrid to 25 new markets over the next 24 hours. With the 25 new markets all live, Sur

Microsoft Promises Fix For Surface Pro 3 Overheating Issue

The issue that is causing some Surface Pro 3 devices to restart and tell users that they are overheating is an error, according to Microsoft. The company has promised a fix in short order. Microsof

Microsoft Goes After The Ubiquitous MacBook To Boost Surface Brand Recognition

Microsoft billed the Surface Pro 3 as the device that can replace multiple pieces of Apple kit, including the MacBook and the iPad. Its latest ad spots for its Windows 8 marquee device target the MacB

How Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Stacks Up A Month Later

Microsoft has a new Surface tablet/PC hybrid, and it’s a departure from their first- and second-generation versions of the Surface line, with an all-new design and a bigger, better display. The

A Microsoft Surface Revenue Bet

After the introduction of the Surface Pro 3, I tweeted that I thought it would do pretty well in the market. I should have clarified that I meant that in the context of prior Surface sales, but I can'

Microsoft Starts Pre-Orders For The Surface Pro 3 Docking Station

Microsoft revealed its Surface Pro 3 earlier this year, and now there’s a new accessory up for sale, following the official shipping launch of the new Surface last month. The new gadget is a Doc

Microsoft Updates The Surface Pro 3 Ahead Of Its Release Tomorrow

Tomorrow is launch day in Canada and the U.S. for the Surface Pro 3, and to make sure the device has as smooth a launch as possible, Microsoft has released a set of updates for the tablet-hybrid.

Microsoft Cuts The Price Of Its Now-Dated Surface Pro 2 Tablet Hybrid

Here's a non-surprise: Microsoft is discounting its line of Surface Pro 2 tablets by $100 to $200, configuration depending. When Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3, a device that has received stron

Microsoft Brings Penny Arcade Artist To An Engineering Team To Work Out Surface Pro 3 Issues

Microsoft is gearing up to begin shipping its Surface Pro 3 tablet, and many have already had a chance to test out the latest in tablet/laptop hybrids. One early tester is Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik

Is The Surface Pro 3 The Perfect Microsoft Laptop?

The <a href="">Microsoft</a> <a href="">Surface</a> has long been the embodiment of Microsoft's ambitions for Windows 8.1. Now tha

Fly Or Die: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Forget everything you thought you knew about the Microsoft Surface tablet, as the latest generation of the Windows-powered Surface Pro is a clear step up from the Microsoft slates of yore. In terms of
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