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  • Aereo Says “Bring It On” As Broadcasters Push Case Into The Supreme Court

    Aereo Says “Bring It On” As Broadcasters Push Case Into The Supreme Court

    Aereo, a TV streaming service backed by Barry Diller, is in the middle of a fierce legal battle. The company uses remote, miniature antennas to pull free over-the-air signals from broadcast networks like Fox, ABC, NBC and 27 others and put them on customer’s connected devices for $8 per month. Read More

  • The Supreme Court Punts On Business Method Patents

    The Supreme Court Punts On Business Method Patents

    Amazon and other holders of business method patents can breathe easy for now. (One of the most famous business method patents is Amazon’s One-Click shopping cart patent). In a ruling today, the Supreme Court basically punted on whether or not business method patents, in general, should be upheld. Instead, it ruled narrowly on the business method patent in question in the case, Bilski v. Read More

  • We're doomed: The U.S. Supreme Court doesn't know the difference between text messages and pagers

    So this is either great or dumb, and I’ll leave it to you to make up your own mind. The Supreme Court is currently hearing a sexting case, in which police officers have sued their sergeant for reading sexually explicit messages that were supposed to be privately read amongst themselves. The question is, did the sergeant violate the officers’ privacy by reading the messages? It… Read More

  • The Futurist: The End Of The Line For Obvious Patents

    There’s an old episode of The Simpsons where the designers of Barbie stand-in Malibu Stacy are gathered in their smoky room trying to come up with a killer app to take on a new competitor on the block. Their idea: stick a hat on the old doll. The ever-wise Lisa, who sees through such marketing shenanigans, says something along the lines of: “It’s still the same old doll… Read More