Microsoft drops the price of its standard support for Azure to $100 per month

If you are a Microsoft Azure customer and want to get 24/7 access to technical and billing support for your company, as well as a response time of less than an hour for your critical issues, but you d

Google and Coursera launch program to train more IT support specialists

After a big fundraise and subsequent reorganization last year at Coursera — which saw a change of CEO, as well as the departure of its COO, CFO, CMO and CPO (along with some 40 others) —

Apple’s standalone support app hits the U.S. App Store

Apple’s recently launched standalone support application is now hitting the U.S. App Store. The app, which had quietly debuted last month outside the U.S., lets you access product documentation

A standalone Apple Support app is rolling out to the iOS App Store

Apple has quietly rolled out a new Apple Support app to the iOS App Store, which allows customers to read about product information, get tips, schedule repair appointments at an Apple Store or with an

Rackspace expands its managed security services to Microsoft’s Azure cloud

Rumor has it that Rackspace is about to get acquired, but that isn’t stopping the company from hosting a major customer event in San Francisco today. At the event, the company announced both a

Non-Profit Stupid Cancer’s Support App Instapeer Is Seeking Funds On Indiegogo

When Matthew Zachary was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 21 and told he had just six months to live, one of the hardest things to cope with was loneliness. It was 1995 and there was very little in

AetherPal, Software That Lets Mobile Carriers Remotely Support Your Smartphone, Grabs $6M Series A

In a world where consumers are just now beginning to understand how little privacy they have online and on their various connected devices, a company like AetherPal, whose pre-loaded software allows m

YC-Backed Hipmob Wants To Become The Premier In-App Customer Service Tool

Using text chat to provide customer service is a pretty standard tool on the web, but when it comes to mobile apps, these chats are still very rare, despite the fact that a lot of online commerce has

Facebook Redesigns Help Center To Suggest Answers, Completes Roll Out Of Support Dashboard

Today, Facebook is launching a redesign of its Help Center, with the goal of making it easier for Facebook users to find the information they need and get answers to their questions about the social n

Google Apps Says Goodbye To Internet Explorer 8, Pulls Support For the Browser

Today, the Google Apps team announced that it will no longer support Internet Explorer 8. Thank goodness. This will affect everyone using Google Apps: businesses, educational and government institutio

Dell Pushes Warranties While Claiming Help-Desk Customers Won Phony Sweepstakes

If you call the Dell support line, chances are you're the lucky winner of the chance to pay $300 for Dell warranty protection. <a target="_blank" href="

CherryPad Orders Unfulfilled, Customers Antsy

The Android-powered CherryPad was supposed to amaze us all with its amazing features and low, low price of $188. That said, folks who ordered a CherryPad probably haven’t seen it yet even though

Computer makers' tech support quality compared

<img src="" alt="apathy" />LAPTOP recently pit the big computer vendors' customer service offerings against one another with two phone calls

Microsoft supports Boot Camp Windows installations?

I’m just gonna throw this rumor out there but let’s keep our pants on for at least the rest of the afternoon (not that this is a huge deal, but it is a little interesting). According to a

Nintendo is officially ending NES support

I may give Nintendo a lot of crap for the Wii, but every other system that company has made is gold sans Gamecube. Now, after 22-years, Nintendo of Japan is officially dropping support for the origina

Apple Releases Boot Camp 1.2

Let’s start your Thursday off with something a little action-packed, shall we? No? Ok then. Apple has released Boot Camp 1.2 and with it comes long-awaited support for Windows Vista. Now you can

XP To Live Until 2010

is already on its way but that doesn’t mean XP will go away without a fight. Microsoft will support XP Home until about 2010, which means you can spyware that baby up for a full three years befo