• FriendFeed and The Future Of Distributed Conversations

    Interview with FriendFeed
    Steve Gillmor and I did a video interview with Bret Taylor from FriendFeed. There are some interesting responses and content in here and it expands on a few points that were discussed during a panel today at the Supernova 2008 conference. To begin with, Bret states that they re-thought how FriendFeed could work as a communication tool, and are contemplating supporting… Read More

  • Supernova Mobile Connections Forum

    Today at the Supernova conference there was a Techcrunch panel on the next great ideas in Mobile. The panelists were Michael Arrington, Kevin Werbach, Roelof Botha and Andreas Kluth. The companies that presented focused on important themes to advance innovation in the mobile environment including mobile goods, avatars, games and interfaces. For more information on the technology some of… Read More