Medium acquires Superfeedr, a real-time API that supercharges your feeds

Medium has <a target="_blank" href="">acquired</a> a small startup called <a target="_blank" href="https://supe

Let The News Find You: Msgboy Reads The Web For You In Real Time

Keeping up with the news is pretty much a full-time job these days. Thankfully, recommendation services like Zite and Flipboard have figured out some ways of keeping their users informed without overl

LeWeb: Superfeedr – the lube for the real-time web?

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SuperFeedr Wants To Speed Your Feeds

<img src="" width="156" height="94" />The first randomly selected audience winner today at the RealTime Crunch

Exclaim Track: Track Twitter Search Terms Over IM In Near Real Time

<img src="" width="191" height="200" />Twitter Search is great, but you have to be on Twitter's site or