Chinese Supercomputer Threatens Weaker American Computers

<img src="">A mainframe in China running a number of NVIDIA GPUs in parallel just hit 2.5 <a HREF="">petaflops

IBM Dives Back Into Water Cooling Supercomputers To Save Energy

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" alt="IBM" />Today, <a href="">IBM</a> delivered its first Aqua

SGI releases first new product since bankruptcy, Octane III

<img src="" />SGI has been quiet as of late, in fact we haven't heard much since they declared bankruptcy and were bought by Rackable

NEC's updates its supercomputer "Earth Simulator System", breaks record

<img src="" /> <a href="">NEC today announced</a> that their renewed Earth Simu

NEC's SX-9 supercomputer boasts "fastest standing" in HPC challenge benchmark

NEC announced yesterday that its SX-9 supercomputer has achieved the world’s fastest standing in the high performance computing (HPC) field [JP] by getting top scores in 19 of 28 sections in the

World's new fastest supercomputer runs on AMD and Cell hardware

Yesterday we noted a test where a stripped-down Cell processor beat the pants off an Intel Core2 Quadro at an h264 transcoding task. Well, now that doesn’t seem so surprising, as the Roadrunner