Tesla rolls out congestion pricing ahead of holiday travel season

Congestion fees are now live at some Tesla Supercharger stations in the U.S. Translation: Tesla says it will charge drivers an additional $1 per minute to juice their electric-vehicle batteries beyond

Can we trust automakers to build an EV charging network that rivals Tesla’s Supercharger?

Seven major automakers are working on a new EV charging network. It looks promising, but there are plenty of reasons to remain skeptical.

Seven things every EV fast-charging network needs

From more chargers to improved reliability and apps, consider this a bill of rights for EV drivers who need to fast charge.

Why automakers are rushing to adopt Tesla’s NACS plug and what it means to drivers

The war isn’t over yet, but with Electrify America announcing this week that it would add Tesla’s plugs, it’s close.

Why every EV charging network combined can’t compete with Tesla

Charging networks need to dramatically accelerate their expansion to keep pace with EV adoption.

Tesla’s Supercharger network will strain under the weight of GM and Ford deals

Tesla faces a difficult choice: spend big to maintain the Supercharger network’s high level of service or “optimize” the network for higher revenue.

Tesla expands non-Tesla Supercharger access to China

Certain non-Tesla vehicles in China can now charge at selected Superchargers, the company said Tuesday. The expanded access will also be available at certain destination charging points, which are wal

Tesla opening its Superchargers to all EVs might be a masterstroke — or a terrible mistake

If Tesla follows through, it could usher in a sea change in EV charging infrastructure in the U.S. 

If EVs can work in rental car fleets, they can work anywhere

I am what you might call Tesla-curious, so I rented one from Hertz over Thanksgiving. Here's how it went.

Tesla wants your vote for new Supercharger locations

Tesla said Thursday it is turning to the public to help determine where to locate its next Superchargers as the automaker continues to expand its network of EV fast-charging stations in North America,

4 indicators to watch for on Tesla Q2 earnings day

Elon Musk has dominated this summer’s headlines beyond the EV business he’s trying to scale. During the first half of July, the Tesla CEO commanded attention for adding twins to his brood of 10 ch

Tesla pulls the plug on the Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle included with vehicle purchase

New Tesla purchases will no longer come with the brand’s Gen 2 mobile connector. Instead, buyers can opt to add the charging kit for the reduced price of $200. The Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle, whi

Tesla extends peak charging hours at California Superchargers amid EV sales boom

Tesla owners in California who want to save money at the company’s branded Superchargers will have to wait until 9 p.m. to power up their battery. The company pushed its off-peak charging hours

Tesla opens entire Supercharger network in the Netherlands to all EVs

Tesla said Monday that non-Tesla owners can charge their electric vehicles at all Supercharger stations in the Netherlands. The announcement marks an expansion of a pilot program that kicked off in No

Tesla opens two largest Supercharger stations and a customer lounge

Tesla has opened new Supercharger stations in California, the largest it has built to date. These are a new kind of Supercharger for the automaker, with not only the most stalls of any Supercharger st

How fast is fast charging?

EVgo announced this month that it has broken ground on what will be the first public DC fast charging station, capable of up to 350 kw, in California — more powerful even than current charging c

Tesla introduces fee for lazy owners who leave their cars at Supercharger stations

There's nothing like driving your nearly-empty Tesla up to a Supercharger station for a top-up and finding every spot taken by other cars — probably all charged up and ready to go. Where are their d

Crunch Report | China’s New Cybersecurity Laws

China has some new cybersecurity laws, starting in January 2017, Tesla will charge owners of new Teslas for Supercharger use if they drive more than 1,000 miles a year, Samsung leaks its AI plans for

Tesla Wants To Open Its Supercharger Standard To Other Electric Car Makers

Elon Musk is willing to share the technology behind his Tesla Superchargers, the fast-charging plug-in stations for his company's electric cars, the CEO revealed at the UK launch of the Model S this p

Tesla Officially Opens West Coast Supercharger Circuit, Covering San Diego To Vancouver

Tesla's West Coast Supercharger Corridor opened today, making it possible for owners of the Model S to travel free between San Diego and Vancouver, using Highway 101 and Interstate 5. This makes a Sup
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