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Sora is the final ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ fighter

At the Nintendo Direct livestream a few weeks back, fans speculated that they might learn who the last remaining character in the extensive “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” lineup would be. In

Lego expands its Super Mario world with customization tools, new Mario power-ups and more characters

Lego’s partnership with Nintendo delivered a pretty awesome debut earlier this year with the interactive Lego Super Mario Starter Course, and now it’s following that up with additional set

Nintendo is remaking the first portable gaming system it ever built

Quick, what was the first portable gaming system Nintendo made? If you said “Game Boy”… solid guess, but not quite. For nearly a decade before Nintendo released that iconic gray beas

Here’s the full lineup of Lego Super Mario sets, due out August 1

Back in March, Nintendo and Lego teamed up to reveal one of the most delightful bits of colorful ephemera in an otherwise overwhelmingly bleak time. Lego Super Mario continues to be one thing worth lo

Lego Super Mario is coming later this year

Toys are better now. There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I treasure the tub of action figures gathering decades of dust in my parents’ attic, but get a load of this Super Mario Lego play set. I

A ridiculously rare copy of Super Mario for NES just sold for over $100,000

An extra special copy of Super Mario for NES just sold for a mind-boggling $100,150. Before you go digging through the attic to find your old copy to throw up for auction, you should know: the version

Super Mario takes a sugar odyssey with a new breakfast cereal

The last time Mario had a breakfast cereal, he had to split the billing with Link. I bet that’s what it felt like being in the Beatles at the end. Flying high from a recent string of high profile ti

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aimé on the evolution of Super Mario Odyssey

From the outside, at least, Nintendo is a study in contradictions, at once devoted to the constant development of new gaming experiences, while remaining deferential and staunchly loyal to its past.

Super Mario Run’s Android release date is March 23

Super Mario Run is officially making its way to Android, as Nintendo promised what seems like so long ago. The company has now revealed an exact date for Mario's Android debut: March 23. That's this T

Apple and Nintendo are bringing Super Mario to an iPhone near you

Apple just announced that it is working with Nintendo to deliver a new game on the App Store called “Super Mario Run.” As the name implies, Super Mario Run is a runner game – think &

Super Mario Brothers Infiltrate Google Search Results With An Addictive Easter Egg

The Nintendo game Super Mario Brothers is the cornerstone of a lot of our respective childhoods. I remember playing that game for hours upon hours, and I even have an original Nintendo sitting in my c

Now On Sale In Japan: Hand-Knitted Super Mario Sweaters

<img src="" /> I am not sure how many of these will actually get sold, but starting today, the Japanese can lay their hands

In which an acoustic rendering of the Super Mario Brother's theme is made available to you, the reader

[audio:] And now, for your listening pleasure, I present the Super Mario Brothers Theme as recorded by my friend Rick. You are welcome.

Bweedly beep de beep beep! Super Mario played on a theremin

<img src=""><a HREF="">Nowhereelse</a> found a video of a young man playing <i>S

Video: Beatboxing flute Super Mario Brother's theme

<img src="">If a beatboxing rendition of the Super Mario Brother's theme doesn't make you smile, you're on the wrong website. Click t

Video: Wanna see the hardest Super Mario levels ever?

[youtube] I swear to God, at 2:40 I tittered like a schoolgirl. Be sure to peruse YouTube for other such videos. via Nick McGlynn’s

Video: How should Mario die?

[youtube] Happy Monday, Readers! I hope the weekend treated you well with some hard earned rest and relaxation. I thought we’d start off wit

And the award for best new company name goes to…

There’s a company in the UK called SuperMario Plumbing and Heating. The owner, Mariusz “Mario” Gruzka, though likely not Italian, could perhaps pass as a real life version of the Mar

Super Paper Mario: OMG S

Super Mario Doom 64 Well, if Sony can mash-up Sims, Second-Life, and Nintendo’s Mii Parade, why can’t a bunch of Peruvians make Super Mario Doom? via Gam