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Mobile game spending hits record $1.7B per week in Q1 2021, up 40% from pre-pandemic levels

The COVID-19 pandemic drove increased demand for mobile gaming, as consumers under lockdowns looked to online sources of entertainment, including games. But even as COVID-19 restrictions are easing up

Super Mario Run hits Android, rolls out version two on iOS

Super Mario Run hit Android a day early. Originally expected today, March 23, per Nintendo’s earlier announcement, the game arrived on the Google Play Store yesterday instead, along with an upda

Around 5 percent of ‘Super Mario Run’ downloaders end up buying the game

Some additional insight out of today’s Nintendo earnings. The gaming giant offered some key contextual information about Mario’s recent mobile debut. The title has racked up more than 78 million

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing mobile game delayed until at least later this year

Nintendo has a whole bunch of mobile titles planned to capitalize on the success of Super Mario Run, but the success of that game and its anticipated launch plans for its next, Fire Emblem Heroes, mig

Super Mario Run will come to Android in March

As we've known for a while, <em>Super Mario Run</em> is <a target="_blank" href="">coming to Androi

Super Mario Run’s buying population is already declining

Super Mario Run may be the first mobile app to pass 40 million downloads in four days’ time on Apple’s App Store, but the game’s payment model has been controversial for its high pri

Super Mario Run sees 37 million downloads, $14 million in revenue in first 3 days

Nintendo’s investors haven’t been happy with the performance of the new iPhone game, “Super Mario Run,” which has led to falling share prices over concerns with the game’

Nintendo learns a multi-billion dollar lesson that Mario is no guarantee for success

Nintendo has not had a good past few days, despite its original superstar Mario finally hitting the iPhone. The company’s shares have dropped about 15 percent in the past five days, which once a

Crunch Report | Soylent Is Back

Super Mario Run is the most downloaded app in 24 hours on the App Store, Soylent is back with its reformulation and we now know why Facebook's drone crashed. All this on Crunch Report.

Super Mario Run tops 5 million downloads on day one, but half reviews are just one star

Pokémon Go, step aside. In the first 24 hours, Nintendo’s Super Mario Run has beaten the record-breaking Pokémon game in terms of day one downloads. According to data from Apptopia, Super Mari

Crunch Report | Super Mario Run Hits the App Store

Super Mario Run is now in the App Store, Instagram passes 600 million users, Facebook hits fake news where it hurts, Facebook releases a bunch of overlays and stickers for Messenger and Tom Wheeler is

Super Mario Run is a hopeful glimpse of Nintendo’s mobile ambitions

There’s unrest in the Mushroom Kingdom once again. It’s a familiar story… Princess Peach just trying to live her life. Baking cakes, throwing parties. She sends an invite over to her old fri

Super Mario Run is now available on the App Store

As its name clearly implies, Super Mario Run is all about forward momentum. It’s a simple matter of physics — you can’t stop a Mario brother, you can only hope to temporary contain him w

Super Mario Run lands on the iPhone today

It was only announced in September, but for Nintendo fans, it amounts to years of waiting, as Nintendo dragged its heels and refused to give in to the seeming inevitability of Mario’s smartphone deb

Super Mario Run needs a constant internet connection to run

It a bit of news that will surely shift the value proposition of Mario’s long-awaited iPhone debut for legions of underground commuters, Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed this week that Super Mario Run wil

Here’s the first live gameplay demonstration of the Nintendo Switch

Tonight Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé (who we interviewed earlier today) went on Jimmy Fallon to show off some gameplay from Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first iOS game that l

‘Super Mario Run’ and the shape of Nintendo to come — an interview with Reggie Fils-Aimé

Mario’s accomplished a lot in the three and a half decades he’s spent in the public spotlight. He’s been a plumber, a soldier, a doctor, refereed basketball and tennis, played baseball and race