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Nintendo and the limits of nostalgia

Can the world stand another Link adventure? Can it throw another blue shell? Hit the Rainbow Road for another lap? Catch ’em all again? If you’re a Nintendo exec I suspect you’re sta

Crunch Report | Super Mario Run Hits the App Store

Super Mario Run is now in the App Store, Instagram passes 600 million users, Facebook hits fake news where it hurts, Facebook releases a bunch of overlays and stickers for Messenger and Tom Wheeler is

Video: Japanese company shows Super Mario Bros. on Kindle emulator

<img src="" /> We've shown you an <a href="

Video: Live action Super Mario Bros. on India's Got Talent

I don’t know if this is more talent or imagination, but it’s fun to watch either way.

Super Mario Chess coming soon, defies traditional gender roles

<img src="">Apparently Super Mario Chess Collector’s Edition is the first Nintendo-authorized chess set in existence. It’ll be

Super Mario gingerbread house looks delicious

Super Mario Bros, Zelda make top 5 worst sequels list

Ouch. MSNBC comes out swinging with Super Mario Bros. 2 and Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link making the site’s Top 5 worst video game sequels list. The three other games on the list are Driv3r, Twiste

The reason you live: Super Mario sound FX keychain

Look, let’s cut the bullshit and get straight to the point, shall we? This is a keychain that plays Super Mario Bros. sound FX and has a bright red paint job with an old school Mario logo. It is

Boom Boom Boom, I Want You In My Room!

“Mario? Are you in there?” Subwoofers rock. Sure you can easily listen to music without them, but when a bass-heavy song comes on, you sure as hell wish you had one sitting on the floor ne

Four Versions Of Super Mario Bros. Compared

Top-left, clockwise: NES, Generation NEX System, FC Twin System, Wii (VC) The guys over at Ars Technica must have some free time. Seems Ben Kuchera took time out of his day to hook up an NES, two NES