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Cray’s latest supercomputer runs OpenStack and open source big data tools

Cray has always been associated with speed and power and its latest computing beast called the Cray Urika-GX system has been designed specifically for big data workloads. What’s more, it runs o

Geek Dreams: Cray CS-Storm Delivers High-Performance Computing In Million-Dollar Package

Imagine a system with 22 x 2u servers in a 48u rack -all cranking on 176 NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU chips providing an astonishing 250 Teraflops per rack. We’re talking scream machines and that&#8217

Stanford Breaks The Million-Core Supercomputer Barrier To Study Jet Turbulence

Stanford has grabbed the supercomputer crown with Sequoia, a million-core computer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories that is being used to simulate jet turbulence in real time. This isn'