• SunRocket Customers Fret Not, Vonage To The Rescue

    Vonage has come to the rescue to ensure those VoIP customers burned by SunRocket’s closure can retain their number by switching to Vonage and they’re doing it for free. If you choose to switch, which is probably a good idea because informing all your friends of your new number is a royal pain in the butt, then you get two months of free service. There’s a catch, right? You… Read More

  • Aw, Heeall Nawgh: SunRocket Burns Out?

    Oh-kayyyy. That’s weird. A couple weeks after a round of layoffs, SunRocket allegedly sent out an internal e-mail today containing the following message… Unfortunately this email contains very bad news. We have just been informed that any and all last ditch efforts to keep operations running as well as a potential sale of the company have not gone through and that SunRocket will… Read More

  • SunRocket Cans 25% of Workforce or 30 People, Whichever's More Sensational

    The aggressive rollout of VoIP services from local cable companies over the past few years has likely caused some growing pains for companies like SunRocket and Vonage. The router-like VoIP devices can be a tad tricky to set up (especially for neophytes) and only being able to use one handset is far less convenient than being able to pick up a phone anywhere in your house. Your cable company… Read More