Sunil Paul

How one founder is using fintech to get more EVs on the road

When serial founder turned venture capitalist Sunil Paul decided to step back into startups, it was only after trying to give away the idea behind his fintech company Spring Free EV for over a decade.

An autonomous robot EV charger is coming to San Francisco

Electric-vehicle chargers today are designed for human drivers. Electrify America and San Francisco-based startup Stable are preparing for the day when humans are no longer behind the wheel. Electrify

Sidecar says Uber ‘took illegal steps to undermine’ competitors in new lawsuit

Sidecar, an early player in the ride-hailing market, is suing Uber: "It was never a fair fight. That’s why Sidecar failed," says former Sidecar CEO Sunil Paul.

SideCar’s Sunil Paul On Working With (And Battling) Regulators

<a target="_blank" href="">SideCar</a> co-founder and CEO Sunil Paul was part of what may have been <a target="_blank" href="earlier this month ">the most spirited and feisty panel</