• These 3D-printed sunglasses will fit your oddly-shaped head

    These 3D-printed sunglasses will fit your oddly-shaped head

    I’m not saying your head is oddly shaped, per se, but if you have trouble finding glasses that fit then a team from Cambridge, Massachusetts has a pair for you. Their Falcon I glasses are designed to fit you perfectly and won’t touch your cheeks, spread over your wider face, or frustrate you by slipping off. The $229 shades come in a sporty style and are aimed at bikers and runners. Read More

  • Meet Yousif Ashoor, the creator of these of amazing automatic sunglasses

    Meet Yousif Ashoor, the creator of these of amazing automatic sunglasses

    If you’re a gamer you’ll recognize the trope: a hero steps into the harsh glare of a desert planet or a blasted cityscape and her sunglasses automatically slide into place over her face. These futuristic shades are handy, they look badass and they keep your corneas from being sandblasted by interstellar debris. Well, a young man named Yousif Ashoor has 3D-printed his own… Read More

  • Spain’s sunglasses startup Hawkers nabs $56M to take on the Ray-Bans of the world

    Spain’s sunglasses startup Hawkers nabs $56M to take on the Ray-Bans of the world

    The world of sunglasses may be long in the cool stakes but has up to now been somewhat short on innovation. Now, the winds of technology are shifting those sands. You may have heard already about Snap (née Snapchat) turning the not-so-humble pair of 80s-style retro shades into a device for recording and posting videos on Snapchat. Now, at the other end of the spectrum, a startup out… Read More

  • Warby Parker is offering Snapchat-exclusive sunglasses

    Warby Parker is offering Snapchat-exclusive sunglasses

    Warby Parker is offering its very first Snapchat-exclusive product — limited sunglasses that are only available for purchase to its Snapchat followers. The eyeglass retailer said it just shared a Snapchat story with its followers with a unique URL where, for a limited time, they can buy “head-turning Haskell in Crystal, now with new silver mirrored lenses” for $95. (I… Read More

  • Thanko Sells HD Video Camera Sunglasses

    Do you want to wear sunglasses while being able to shoot videos in a discreet way at the same time? Tokyo-based crazy gadget maker Thanko seems to think there are people who need their HD Video Camera Sunglasses [JP]. The device’s 5MP CMOS camera lets you take AVIs in 1,280×720 resolution at 30fps – handsfree. Read More

  • Review: Gunnar 'MLG Legend' Glasses

    Short Version: Gunnar’s “MLG Legend” glasses are a good choice for gamers and workers alike who suffer from eye problems created from staring at a screen for long periods of time. While the thought of wearing specialty glasses with amber lenses in front of a computer or TV screen may seem pretentious to some, the benefits of these glasses outweigh the possibility of any… Read More

  • Sunglasses with built-in camcorder and MP3 player

    Tokyo-based gadget maker OTAS is selling sunglasses [JP] that feature, for some reason, a built-in video camera and MP3 player. The so-called aigo glasses come with a 1.3 megapixel camera, a music player that supports MP3 and WMA files, 4 GB of internal memory, and a USB 2.0 port. Read More

  • Bacon-themed Oakleys: better than wearing real bacon? (No.)

    Here’s the thing. If you’re going bacon, you have to go all the way. Bacon-like has never been enough — and it never will be. This is why Bacon Bits will always outsell Fakin’ Bacon, and this is why it will always be better to fashion a pair of bacon goggles than wear a bacon-themed pair of Oakleys. Read More

  • Nothing comes between me and my $199 Calvin Klein USB sunglasses

    Good morning, fashion lovers! Hellllooooooo! Look at these hot new glasses from Calvin Klein with the USB in them! It has four giggerbots of data storage and they cost $199 and as Andrew at OhGizmo points out you can’t access your data and look cool at the same time – the USB key is inside the temple. Read More

  • Hands-on with Dragon's upcoming eyewear line

    Spring is just around the corner and the sun is slowly poking its head out through the clouds here in NYC. I’ve been rocking polarized Electric Hi-Fis for the last couple years, but I think it’s time for a new set of shades for this year. I sat down with Dragon yesterday and they gave me a peek at some new shades for this coming year. If you’re a snowboarder or motocross… Read More

  • Cool sunglasses give you super vision

    Reader Billy May sent us these concept sketches for the Nike Hindsight, specially design biking glasses with specifically tuned Fresnel lenses for keeping an eye on approaching taxis/cars/baby strollers. Writes Billy: Nike Hindsight is, put simply, like giving bicyclists a pair of bifocals for their peripheral vision. By using Fresnel lenses on the sides of eye wear, riders can detect motion in… Read More

  • Anti-paparazzi sunglasses
    Anti-Paparazzi Sunglasses – For more amazing video clips, click here IR LEDs, some wire, and a pair of sunglasses are all you need to make yourself completely invisible to pesky paparazzi. Sadly, these can also be used for nefarious deeds, so keep this web page out of the hands of the youth. Read More

  • New sunglasses with built-in camera and MP3-player

    Today accessory maker Otas unveiled its newest product, the so-called aigo Camera sunglasses MP3 F566+. The glasses come with a 1.3 megapixel camera, an MP3-player, 2 GB of internal memory, a USB port and a wireless remote control. The device weighs just 45 grams. Otas says the internal memory is enough to store up to 20,000 photographs. The highest picture quality possible is 1280×1024. Read More

  • Blue sunglasses will make your food look gross, and they're supposed to

    [photopress:08426s1.jpg,full,right]In Japan, people are fat because the food looks too good. Or so the reasoning goes behind these blue-tinted shades which, according to the company that makes them, will make food look so unappetizing you won’t want to eat it. This is total bullshit. The theory is that the red wavelengths in food make you want to eat it. Not true. I know this because… Read More

  • Oakley updates MP3 sunglasses for some reason

    I’ve never actually seen anyone wear Oakley’s MP3 sunglasses in person. I’ve seen athletes wear them and I think Dog the Bounty Hunter wore them, but he’s been taken off the small screen for his racist remarks so he doesn’t count anymore. I think it’s a good idea, but why? Not everyone can pull off these sunglasses because they simply won’t fit your… Read More

  • Roll Shades: You Know You Want Them (If You're 10)

    The Roll Shades aren’t just convenient, they’re badass. Collapsable sunglasses have been around since the ’80s, which is when these were apparently designed. Unlike most collapsable sunglasses, these Durkl Roll Shades don’t require a fancy faux-leather bag to be retained. Instead they become a wristband when not on your noggin. Uh, ok. Besides being a dork for… Read More

  • Oakley Announces Thump Pro

    Oakley apparently didn’t get the memo that their MP3-playing sunglasses, known as the Thump, are a flop. They’re ugly, feel weird, and are costly. But lucky for us, Oakley isn’t going to let the man get them down. They’ve announced a November 17th release date for their new sunglasses, the Thump Pro. Thump Pro is designed for athletes and performance-demanding… Read More