Summly Founder Nick D’Aloisio Leaves Yahoo

The founder of Yahoo-acquired Summly, Nick D'Aloisio, has left the company to focus on his philosophy and computer science schoolwork at Oxford, we've confirmed with D'Aloisio. During the summer, D'Al

Summly’s Nick D’Aloisio On Yahoo’s Approach To Ephemerality, And Its Startup Mentality

Speaking at Wired's 2013 event in London today, Summly founder and Yahoo! employee Nick D'Aloisio discussed the now well-known story of how he built his product as a teen and then decided to pair up w

Yahoo! Unveils Brand New iOS App, Including Built-In Summly Summaries

Yahoo! acquired startup Summly for somewhere around $30 million just one month ago, but it's already bearing fruit. First, there was the Summly summarized version of its Q1 2013 earnings last week, an

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Unveils The First Results Of Its Hot New Summly Acquisition

In March, <a target="_blank" href="">Yahoo</a> made a big splash in its already dazzling list of acquisitions when it <a href="

Yahoo! Continues To Attack Mobile, Buys News Gathering And Delivery Startup Summly, App Will Close

Yahoo! has picked up the pace on pretty much everything since Marissa Mayer became CEO, especially mobile acquisitions. Today, it announced the acquisition of mobile news gathering and delivery startu

The 16-Year-Old Startup CEO And The Hong Kong Billionaire [TCTV]

We covered the launch of <a href="">Summly</a> an application that summarises text <a href="

16-Year-Old Programmer Raises Seed Round From Billionaire Li Ka Shing To ‘Summarize The Web’

Launching today on the App Store is a new application called <a href="">Summly</a> that, in short, attempts to summarize the Web. The app was form