Twitter Search Refines Trend Searches To Give You More Real-Time Results

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Confirmed: Twitter Acquires Summize Search Engine

Update: Full transcript of video interview is here. It turns out those rumors last week were accurate. Microblogging site Twitter has acquired the Summize search engine, Twitter co-founder Evan Willia

Twitter May Buy Summize

Twitter may buy Virginia-based Summize, a Twitter search engine, says Jason Calacanis. A source close to Twitter says that the two companies have been in discussions around a merger over the last coup

Twitter Partners With Summize to Cover Apple News

For those of you who just can’t wait to hear the latest Apple news this morning as it breaks (our live on the scene coverage begins at 8 am PST): Twitter is partnering with Summize to show all t

Get Satisfaction's Ear on the Twittersphere

When Michael’s internet went down last month, he vented his frustration on Twitter. And lo and behold, Comcast actually saw his tweet, reached out to him, and proactively worked to solve his pro

Summize: A Sentiment Engine For The "Reviewosphere"

Sometimes reading online product reviews can be a real time sink. There are so many opinions out there—from CNet to Amazon to blogs. It can take a long time and a lot of sifting to figure out what p