Phantom Fireworks Uses Nook Tablets To Help Customers Preview The Boom

Everyone's favorite roadside explosives purveyor, <a target="_blank" href="">Phantom Fireworks</a>, is now offering "firework previews" on a fleet of Nook Tablets that will be

Photo gallery: Japan's KDDI shows summer cell phone line-up

<img src="" /> Japan's second biggest mobile company KDDI today <a href="

Backpack cooler bag features solar charging and built-in speakers

<img src="" alt="cooladio" />What fun is going to the beach if you can't bring a half-dozen portable electronic devices along with you? A

Collapsible cooler features AM/FM radio, MP3 input for $25

<img src="" alt="cooler" />Summer is slowly, slowly wasting away. Perhaps you should go to a beach, just to see what all the fuss is about

Solar pool cleaner works all day long, won't come between you and your wife

<img src="" alt="solar skimmer" />Apparently this whole "solar power" thing really works. Case in point, this Solar-Breeze apparatus u

Reminder: Motorized ice cream cones exist

<img src="" alt="motorconespin" title="motorconespin" width="200" height="158" class="left" />This thing has been around for quite

EZGrill: The $5 single-use grill

<img src="" alt="grill" />I live on the top floor of a third-floor walkup with no balcony in the middle of Boston. That doesn't mean I don't

The 'Go Plate' facilitates outdoor food and beverage enjoyment

<img src="" alt="Go Plate" />Even though summer has been effectively cancelled for certain areas of the country, it doesn't me

This wireless speaker, it floats!

<img src="" alt="speaker" />If you have a swimming pool then you, my friend, need this little waterproof floating wireless speaker that look

All-electric Jetski goes 50mph, is whisper quiet

It’s oddly wonderful to see a Jetski darting about in the water accompanied only by sporadic splashing sounds instead of the constant whine of a gasoline motor. The “Eco Watercraft”

Softbank floods Japan with 15 new cell phones (part 1: all Sharp models)

<img src="" /> Big news from Japan's cell phone market today as Japan’s No.3 telecommunications company

Floating iceberg is the perfect eyesore for your lakefront property

<img src="" alt="iceberg" />Finally, a chance to scare the bejesus out of nighttime boaters everywhere. Stick this gigantic inflatable ice

CrunchDeals: Newegg's end of summer sale, ahoy is having itself a little end of summer sale that might interest some of you. Prices on some items have been cut by as much as 65 percent, meaning you’ll be able to buy things like a

Samsung and AT&T have a summer Krush

Samsung and AT&T kicked off their exclusive music tour last night with a free Mariah Carey performance in Hollywood. The Summer Krush tour presents seven one-night only private music events, with

TiVo v9.4 sneaks into your box

Word is out that TiVo is sending its summer update (ahead of schedule, yeah!) to TiVo HD and Series 3 DVRs. v9.4 gives you six new features, including the ability to play or delete a folder, browse th

Funny: "Signs You're on a Summer Vacation with a Geek"

OMG, this is so true. BBspot has a list of the Top 11 Signs You’re on a Summer Vacation with a Geek. I totally do most of these things. 11. The GPS unit sounds an awful lot like Majel Barrett. 1

Sand iPhone

You’re at the shore with your family, the weather’s nice, there are girls running around in bikinis, and some douche is playing Hoobastank on their crappy-ass boombox. Sounds like a perfec

Good Idea, Bad Idea: iPod in a Microwave Edition

It’s approximately 134 degrees outside and that got me thinking: what if you put an iPod nano in the microwave? Work with me here, people. Well if you did, it’d look something like this, n

Rolling Cooler Brings You Tunes, Beer

I thought this would be a day too late to be useful for your 4th of July reveling before realizing that it rained quite a bit yesterday. So if you have some leftover Keystone Ice from yesterday’

Great Outdoors: Have Video, Will Travel

Why are you watching videos again? Summer is currently in full effect. It’s hot as hell outside, the sky is beautiful, the water is warm – you need to get out there. So bring your family o
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