Read AI expands its AI-powered summaries from meetings to messages and emails

Available in "soft launch," Read's new capability connects to Gmail, Outlook and Slack as well as videoconferencing platforms to learn topics that might be relevant to you.

Slack adds AI-fueled search and summarization to the platform

As an enterprise communications platform, Slack has become a de facto storage repository for institutional knowledge, but getting at that information has been challenging with conventional search tool

GlossAi’s generative highlights are a glimpse of content’s crowded future

For anyone who wants to get a piece of content they’ve created out there, the number of platforms and formats means it’s not so simple as it used to be. GlossAi is a startup aiming to auto

Summari pivots to AI-generated link previews that really click

Summari took a shot at making article summaries on demand a must-have tool for the overloaded reader. But a year later the startup is leaving that model in the dust for a new, and in retrospect way be

Google introduces Workspaces Spaces Chats conversations summaries

Having trouble keeping up with the conversations in your Chats in your Workspace Spaces? Google feels your pain, and is “excited to introduce conversation summaries in Google Chat for messages i

TheGist taps AI to summarize Slack channels and threads

Itay Dressler and Itzik Ben Bassat, who’ve held various software engineering and executive roles at startups together over the years, are accustomed to exchanging brief messages. Ben Bassat has

Summly’s Nick D’Aloisio On Yahoo’s Approach To Ephemerality, And Its Startup Mentality

Speaking at Wired's 2013 event in London today, Summly founder and Yahoo! employee Nick D'Aloisio discussed the now well-known story of how he built his product as a teen and then decided to pair up w