• Video: Japanese Robot Helps Humans Clean Offices

    Video: Japanese Robot Helps Humans Clean Offices

    Fuji Heavy Industries and Sumitomo have developed a cute robot that can help human workers clean offices. It’s a follow up to a simpler model the two companies unveiled ten years ago. This new robot can navigate through spaces full of desks, office equipment and other obstacles (including humans). The battery-powered robot can move around at 30m per minute and is equipped with a laser… Read More

  • Report: Japanese Company Develops Cheap, Powerful Home And Car Battery

    Looks like we’re getting better, cheaper batteries soon: Sumitomo Electric Industries succeeded in developing a molten-salt battery that’s supposedly 90% cheaper to produce than lithium-ion batteries. The company claims that even though molten-salt batteries are nothing new, the sodium material in their prototype starts melting at 57C to keep the electrolyte in a liquid state (and… Read More

  • Autonomous office cleaning robot

    Japanese conglomerates Fuji Heavy Industries, Sumitomo and Subaru are developing a new robot [JP, PDF] that’s able to clean office buildings autonomously. The yet to be named robot (pictured on the left) is sized at just 50x45x80cm, meaning it’s able to maneuver even along narrow paths. Its functions include vacuuming the floors and picking up garbage. Read More

  • Fuji develops cleaning robot that's able to use elevators to clean floors

    Japanese mega companies Fuji Heavy Industries and Sumitomo today presented their jointly developed floor cleaning robot [JP, PDF] in action in an office building in Osaka , Japan. The autonomous cleaning robot can clean corridors and other similar spaces and also is able to move between the floors of the building by using the elevators. It can detect obstacles of any kind via a built-in… Read More