• AllRise Presents A Civilized Way To Settle Disputes

    I like what I’ve seen so far of Israeli startup AllRise – a website that allows users to file complaints against anyone or anything, argue their case, have the community choose sides, and ultimately vote on who should prevail. At the very least, it certainly gives me more hope for the future than sites like SueEasy, which aim to produce more, not less, actual lawsuits. The service… Read More

  • SueEasy Goes Live – Your Class Action Lawsuit Lottery Ticket

    SueEasy, a Shangri-La for ambulance chasers, is now live and wreaking litigious havoc on the web. They’ve created, in their own words, a “harmonious and efficient system” for the filing of lawsuits. The site allows people to file (or search for) grievances, join with others looking for a payout, and eventually get the attention of a first class ambulance chaser to take… Read More

  • Ambulance Chasers Have A New Home, SueEasy

    Have you or a loved one been injured in a car accident? Suing TechCrunch? To answer these questions, soon-to-launch is hoping you turn to them before the white pages, FindLaw, or ratings sites like Avvo. They’re currently in a private beta, tweaking the service. The site is kind of a reverse directory for lawyers that’s sure to be a haven for personal injury lawsuits. Read More