CNET's Molly Wood to Zune: It's over

While to some the Zune is the greatest thing in the world, Crave writer Molly Wood finds it to be an odious turd of little redeeming value and generally one of the worst devices ever, on par with the

CrunchDeals: Damn that's a cheap Zune

Looks like Woot is selling the brown 30GB Zune for $79.99 + $5 shipping. If an $85 price tag isn’t a big enough incentive for someone to buy a Zune, then I don’t know what is. Maybe free P

Kid Writes "PS3 Sucks" On Video Game Displays

Kids are brats sometimes, but this little boy sounds like the Devil incarnate. Toys R Us employees spotted a 13-year old boy writing “PS3 Sucks” on 23 plastic game displays. Yeah, 23 times

Wal-Mart Can Come Over and Ride My Wii

in order to check out. Screw y’all, Wal-Mart. Bundle this. Nintendo Wii Holiday Bundle