If I Were Google, I Wouldn’t Release A Native iOS 6 Maps App For Six Months

So, iOS 6 is upon us and people are going to start getting their new iPhones this week as well. What they'll soon (maybe) realize is that Maps for iOS is no longer powered by Google. And it sucks some

Transformers 2 gets a title, and boy does it suck Ravage balls

I really hope this is a joke. It’s a very, very bad title. When word leaked out that Star Wars II would be called Attack of the Clones, people went nuts. To George’s credit, the title ende

Exclusive: Destro from the new G.I. Joe film sucks

You may recall a couple of weeks ago we posted leaked images of the cast of the forthcoming G.I. Joe film in their ridiculous costumes. Today, we have another. The same tipster who sent us the origina