• Author of 'Top Dog' Explains the Science Behind Success

    Keen On…Top Dogs: What Finger Length Tells Us About Entrepreneurial Success

    Success can be determined by measuring the length of our index finger in comparison to our ring finger, Bronson told me about the research behind Top Dog. But that’s not the only conclusion about success that Bronson revealed. Riffing off Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, Bronson explained the science of winning and losing, thereby rendering the legendary intuition of venture… Read More

  • Apple is the most successful brand, says international marketers

    A recent poll of 2,000 international online marketers has revealed that Apple is the most successful brand in the world. Virgin, Google, Coca-Cola and Nike were right behind Apple in the polling that asked marketers which brands they wanted to sit next to at a dinner party and which would be the most successful in the future, among others. Apple took home six of the 10 categories while… Read More