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Linear Work In Nonlinear Environments

We are constantly bombarded by nonlinear success stories: The Facebook-MillionsOfDownloads-Airbnb-10,000Followers-ExponentialGrowth-AcquiredFor$200M-Snapchat-Uber-Zilla is stomping through our tech ma

Cracking The Nut With Jam, SAP Moves Social Tools Out Of The Silo And Into Business Apps

SAP is rebuilding its social tools with a service called Jam that it will launch in November. It will combine social networking, real-time updates, and the ability to build apps that are "purpose buil

Zendesk Now Offers Facebook Private Messages For Customer Service

<a target="_blank" href="">Zendesk</a> has a new feature for customers to send <a target="_blank" href="">private Fac