• Enclave Audio delivers 5.1 surround sound (almost) wirelessly Crunch Network

    Enclave Audio delivers 5.1 surround sound (almost) wirelessly

    In the list of things that we want science to solve I suspect the creation of a wireless 5.1 speaker system that is easy to use and set up ranks up there in between a cure for shingles and the colonization of Mars. Thankfully, there are people on the job. Enclave Audio has been working on a wireless 5.1 sound system since 2013 and they recently released their first product at CES, the CineHome HD. Read More

  • Devialet’s Hi-Tech “Phantom” Implosion Stereo Sounds Better Than Speakers 20X Its Size

    Devialet’s Hi-Tech “Phantom” Implosion Stereo Sounds Better Than Speakers 20X Its Size

    You need a big sub-woofer for big bass, right? Wrong. After 10 years of research, French acoustic engineers as Devialet just unveiled a giant step forward in audio that’s just one foot long. The Phantom is a petite, spherical, all-in-one amplifier and speaker that delivers what audiophiles think may be the best sound in the world for around $2,000. Read More

  • Sonos Launches The Sonos Sub (Woofer, Not Sandwich)

    Sonos Launches The Sonos Sub (Woofer, Not Sandwich)

    Sonos has just gotten really deep (get it?) with their new Sonos Sub, a wireless subwoofer that connects to any Sonos system and adds just a bit more oomph to the musical proceedings. The sub costs $699 and offers (according to the press release) “thick layers of bottomless sound that let you hear and feel the weight of every chord, kick, splash and roll.” Read More

  • How to hide that subwoofer in the corner of the room

    Keeping your home theater (my wife calls it a living room) clean and uncluttered can be a real pain if you have a decent sound system. Sure, there’s the obvious “run the wires under the floor” trick, but what do you do with the elephant subwoofer in the corner? It’s big, it’s ugly, and it’s absolutely necessary for a decent system. Read More

  • Unsolvable subwoofer inspired by Rubik’s cube

    Like the Rubik’s Cube, do you? Also like booty-thumping bass in your face? Then you, my friend, are the ideal marketing segment for Elac, maker of the Rubik’s Cube-inspired MicroSub 2010 BT subwoofer. It’s not as huge as it looks in the above photo, unless the lady in the photo on the right has serious issues with her pituitary gland. She’s holding the standard… Read More

  • Boom Boom Boom, I Want You In My Room!

    “Mario? Are you in there?” Subwoofers rock. Sure you can easily listen to music without them, but when a bass-heavy song comes on, you sure as hell wish you had one sitting on the floor next to ya. The only thing better than a regular sub has to be a Super Mario Bros. one. This bitchin’ sub cabinet features two original Mario blocks, including the infamous question-mark… Read More

  • Subwoofer Chair Is Girls BFF

    In HS, one of my buddies decided to put an 18-inch subwoofer in the back of his Civic coupe. It was the most ridiculous thing ever, but damn it was cool to get such a big-ass sub in the trunk. Sitting in the backseat caused me to get nauseous whenever the stereo was turned up. It was very uncomfortable. I imagine the subwoofer chair has the complete opposite effect. My suspicions also lead me… Read More