• Mobile Life Subway Demo: Meet me on the 6

    A quick and cute location-aware demo at Mobile Life. This system asks you where you’re getting on the train and where you’re getting off. It then checks the timetable and tells you if friends are on the train with you. Obviously there are some privacy and logistical issues, especially on the New York subway, but it’s a proof of concept that shows you don’t need a… Read More

  • Anti-groping software comes to Japanese cellphones

    In the ever-expanding world of polite passive aggressiveness from Japan comes the cellphone capable of dirty looks. It seems that some dirty men from the land of the rising sun grope young females semi-anonlymously on Tokyo’s subways. Rather than call blatant attention to the pervs, the victim can now hold up their cellphone with phrases like “Groping is a crime!” to the… Read More

  • Boston Rails Getting Cellular Access

    Boston will soon have prevalent cellular access on the T Central Artery road tunnels (thanks Rob). Due to a deal struck with the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint Nextel and Cingular will all have a presence in the tunnel system. Which means Bostonians will soon be able to have awkward, cramped conversations during their commutes. This is relevant because up to… Read More