Subvert And Profit Unapologetically Targets YouTube

Subvert And Profit is a service that lets users pay to get their sites on Digg (and more recently StumbleUpon). Unlike Pay Per Post, the company doesn’t waste a lot of time trying to spin their

Next Target for Subvert and Profit: StumbleUpon

Controversy surrounds social media rigger Subvert and Profit. The service, which helps advertisers get on the front page of Digg, has been a thorn in the side of the service and the bane of many of Di

Next Service To Try Gaming Digg: Subvert and Profit

Subvert and Profit is the newest service to try to sell home page placement on Digg. Like User/Submitter and Spike the Vote before it (both now offline), the idea is to charge people for a digg vote (