HBO makes some top shows, movies and documentaries free to stream on HBO NOW and HBO GO

Giving people even more of a reason to stay home and follow the social distancing measures designed to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S., HBO said it would be making 500 hours of programming fre

Microsoft Kills Vendor Program That Offered To Pay People To Write About IE

Repeat after me: Don't pay people to write about your thing. Repeat after me: Don't offer to pay people to write about your thing. Repeat after me: People will write about your thing if they think tha

Facebook’s Having Some Issues With Twitter Cross-Posting, But Nobody Cares. For Reasons.

As <a target="_blank" href="

Be that guy, get an Obama Coveroo for your gadget

<img src="" alt="" />Really? This is getting out of hand, no? The onslaught of Obama clad doodads has begun.

Best of: Stupid Android Market comments by slightly stupid people

One of the great things about Android Market is that you can see what everyone has to say about the applications they’ve downloaded. Very useful in figuring out if you should really download tha

Want to listen to some music on the AT&T Quickfire? Good luck with that.

It’s not all that uncommon for handset manufacturers to forego the simplicity of a standard 3.5mm headset jack, instead opting for some clunky proprietary port. To take off a bit of the sting, t

Clever promotions company fills USB drive with beer, other liquids declared the best thing on earth

This is what’s wrong with Digg. I just wish I had found it first. Heh. CNK

Exactly 2,676 people were offended by animated sex in GTA: San Andreas

The NYT piece goes into great detail with quotes from random lawyers across the country and mostly just filler, but what you need to know is that only 2,676 angry citizens out of the eight plus millio

Nyko being sued by Nintendo over Nunchuck

Uh oh, Nyko is in a bit of trouble over their Kama Nunchuck. Nintendo is claiming that the LA-based console accessories manufacturer has infringed on two design patents and its trademark. Nintendo is

How the RIAA finds out you're sharing music, assuming you are dumb

In a discussion with the Chronicle of Higher Education, an RIAA representative describes how they find and attack music sharers. Here’s how they do it: 1. They go to a computer. 2. They start Li

RIAA tech chief thinks DRM is still the future, thinks fire is magic, thinks the Earth is flat

Oops. Someone forgot to tell Hollywood bigwigs that DRM is dead, consumers don’t want it, and it doesn’t really work that well anyway. At a conference in LA this week, a member of the RIAA

Lawmakers propose bill to ID people buying games to make sure they won't be ruined for life

So you know how all those people have been up in arms about the adult content in games like GTA IV? And how they think that the ratings need to be tougher? A few politicians don’t think they go

AG: Every time you download an episode of LOST a terrorist gets its wings

[photopress:30_mukasey_lg.jpg,full,center] That version of Photoshop that you bought from a dude on the street in West Hollywood last night is going to finance terrorists who will destroy your city an

Verizon charging for data over 5GB on "unlimited" plan

[photopress:verizon_wireless_broadband_3.jpg,full,center] Verizon is the latest carrier to become convinced that unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited, as its started charging customers of its $59.99

Record yourself rear-ending someone

Pull your head out of the gutter, perv. I don’t know how necessary this is, but if you have $450 lying around and you want to record everything that goes in front of your car while you’re

Woman gets $2000 bill from Comcast for equipment destroyed by a tornado

[photopress:chronicast.jpg,full,center] Bad: A tornado comes and destroys your home. Worse: Comcast wants to charge you $2000 for the five, nine-year old cable boxes that got destroyed. That’s w

Behold the decline and fall of the technical age: the scrolling LED tree ornament

It’s official in my book: technology has become so cheap that it can’t help but be tacky. You may take this art deco scrolling LED ornament as an example of this. It has a matrix of LEDs a

Stupid anorexic USB toy tells you how slowly you type, loser

I’m a little frightened of this toy. It’s a USB words-per-minute display that’s also a plastic mouse on an exercise bike. The more words you type per minute, the faster this little g

Western Digital DRMs your data so you don't have to!

You don’t need me to get all snarky about the DRM scheme Western Digital has added to its new My Book NAS-enabled external hard drives, not when Austin at the Register is doing such a good job o

This stupid gadget doesn't work and you shouldn't buy it and it sucks

Sure, we know that your cellphone won’t explode and kill you now, great. But what about that pesky, pesky radiation? While the jury’s still out on that one, you can look to snake-oil devic
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