• RIAA tech chief thinks DRM is still the future, thinks fire is magic, thinks the Earth is flat

    Oops. Someone forgot to tell Hollywood bigwigs that DRM is dead, consumers don’t want it, and it doesn’t really work that well anyway. At a conference in LA this week, a member of the RIAA said that almost all digital distribution schemes they can think of use DRM. The problem with DRM is it locks you into an ecosystem that only works with the DRM your purchasing. And you… Read More

  • Lawmakers propose bill to ID people buying games to make sure they won't be ruined for life

    So you know how all those people have been up in arms about the adult content in games like GTA IV? And how they think that the ratings need to be tougher? A few politicians don’t think they go far enough. They want to actually start using retail cashiers to police who buys what, IDing people when they purchase to make sure they’re of age. I’m OK with this for cigarettes… Read More

  • AG: Every time you download an episode of LOST a terrorist gets its wings

    [photopress:30_mukasey_lg.jpg,full,center] That version of Photoshop that you bought from a dude on the street in West Hollywood last night is going to finance terrorists who will destroy your city and burn you and your family alive to death, or so says the AG, Michael Mukasey. Mukasey argues that terrorists are increasingly using tactics of organized crime syndicates to finance their… Read More

  • Verizon charging for data over 5GB on "unlimited" plan

    [photopress:verizon_wireless_broadband_3.jpg,full,center] Verizon is the latest carrier to become convinced that unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited, as its started charging customers of its $59.99 unlimited mobile broadband plan overages if they exceed 5GB in a billing cycle. So while its going to still call it “unlimited”, customers will get charged a premium of… Read More

  • Record yourself rear-ending someone

    Pull your head out of the gutter, perv. I don’t know how necessary this is, but if you have $450 lying around and you want to record everything that goes in front of your car while you’re driving then I have the perfect thing for you. No. Wait. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see why anyone would want this. A rear view mirror with a 2.5-inch LCD that records what’s… Read More

  • Woman gets $2000 bill from Comcast for equipment destroyed by a tornado

    [photopress:chronicast.jpg,full,center] Bad: A tornado comes and destroys your home. Worse: Comcast wants to charge you $2000 for the five, nine-year old cable boxes that got destroyed. That’s what happened to a Wheatland, Wisconsin resident, and Comcast is standing its ground. The cable operator says that the victim will have to get reimbursement from her insurance company to pay the bill. Read More

  • Behold the decline and fall of the technical age: the scrolling LED tree ornament

    It’s official in my book: technology has become so cheap that it can’t help but be tacky. You may take this art deco scrolling LED ornament as an example of this. It has a matrix of LEDs around the outside and scrolls wishes of Xmas cheer to boost your Yuletide spirit. And get this: it’s called “Seasons Readings”. Get it!? If this isn’t an excuse for a… Read More

  • Stupid anorexic USB toy tells you how slowly you type, loser

    I’m a little frightened of this toy. It’s a USB words-per-minute display that’s also a plastic mouse on an exercise bike. The more words you type per minute, the faster this little guy goes, never mind the fact that this anorexic rodent looks like he needs a sandwich more than cardio. It features a monochrome display to tell you how you’re doing, but unless you’re… Read More

  • Western Digital DRMs your data so you don't have to!

    You don’t need me to get all snarky about the DRM scheme Western Digital has added to its new My Book NAS-enabled external hard drives, not when Austin at the Register is doing such a good job of it. Austin points out that the new drive won’t let you copy another user’s media files (wma, mp3, etc.) across the network, because it can’t verify your licenses for said… Read More

  • This stupid gadget doesn't work and you shouldn't buy it and it sucks

    Sure, we know that your cellphone won’t explode and kill you now, great. But what about that pesky, pesky radiation? While the jury’s still out on that one, you can look to snake-oil devices that at least make you think you’re doing something to mitigate their problems. Take the PowerDome, an add-on to your cellphone that supposedly changes the radio frequency your… Read More

  • Invisible tank: pie-in-the-sky BS or total and utter malarkey?

    Artist’s rendition of your last acid trip. Every few years someone pulls out the old “project the scene behind the object onto the object” trick to make something ostensibly invisible. Well, now the English Army will now win the war with invisible tanks designed to disappear using cameras and projectors. I’m going to call “bollocks” on this and wonder… Read More