• StuffBuff Social Bidding System Hits Beta And You Can Try It Here

    StuffBuff, a TC50 company, has officially launched bringing with it social, embeddable auctions for the masses. What is StuffBuff? It’s basically an auction site with a social bent. Instead of wading into a mess of used sleeping bags and broken Nintendo DSes on eBay (true story!), you head over to StuffBuff and set up an auction. You can then embed the auction into your… Read More

  • StuffBuff: Real-Time Auctions With A Viral Twist

    When it comes to online auctions, most people think of the lengthy, generally unexciting (at least until the last few minutes) auctions found on eBay. But in the last year we’ve seen some more interesting action in the space — Swoopo is one site that comes to mind, but it is an “entertainment shopping” experience that has an element of gambling to it (you can walk… Read More