StudiVZ who? Facebook reigns supreme in Germany

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Simfy, the Spotify-of-Germany, partners with social network StudiVZ

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Holtzbrinck shuts down its eLab incubator

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German Facebook clone StudiVZ adds support for 3rd party apps – user privacy is paramount

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Facebook and StudiVZ end legal dispute

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Facebook And StudiVZ Dispute Ends With Settlement

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Facebook Loses Lawsuit Against German Clone StudiVZ, Gets Criticized For Sloppy Preparation

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Modeling The True Value Of Social Networks: 2009 Edition

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Nimbuzz Pushes New iPhone VoIP App, Supports Calling Over 3G

<img src="" width="215" height="98" /><a href="">Nimbuzz</a> is launching a brand new VoIP application for the iPho

Nimbuzz Strikes Major Distribution Deal With StudiVZ, Germany's Largest Social Network

<img src="" /> Holland-based IM and VoIP services provider <a href="">Nimbuzz</a> has just announced a noteworthy s

Facebook Recruits Street Troops To Grow in Germany

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StudiVZ Won't Comment On Facebook Lawsuit, But Will Talk Smack In General

StudiVZ, the Facebook clone (and by clone, we mean exact duplicate) in Germany, says in an email that they still havn’t received the lawsuit complaint filed by Facebook on Friday. The lawsuit cl

Facebook Sues German Social Network StudiVZ

Facebook is starting to pursue social networks that have copied their design or features by suing German site StudiVZ. The Financial Times has reported that Facebook filed a suit in California against

Modeling The Real Market Value Of Social Networks

Is MySpace worth $3 billion, or $20 billion? It depends on how you value a user. It’s time to start comparing the big global social networks on something other than unique visitors and page view

Web 2.0 in Germany: Copy/Paste Innovation or more?

Last week we reported on Frazr, one of Germany’s many Twitter clones (if you’re eager for more side-by-side comparisons, see Sloggen, Wamadu, Faybl or 1you, which all launched in March or April).

German Facebook Clone Sells for €100 million

German Facebook clone Studivz has been sold to one of its investors, Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH, a German publishing group, for €100 million (about $132 million). Other investors of Studivz include