• Study: Those who are most ‘connected’ aren't necessarily happy with being so ‘connected’

    Are you a Digital Collaborator? A Media Mover? Or maybe you’re a fearsome Ambivalent Networker? No idea what these phrases mean? (Good!) They refer to the level of technological integration in a person’s life. Someone’s who’s a Roving Node is really adept at using one piece of technology in their life—this is the type of person who e-mails all day long, and knows… Read More

  • Shocking study: Young people watch very little TV anymore, spend time online or using other media

    A new study confirms the obvious: the young are watching less and less TV, spending their time using the Internet and playing video games instead. The study, carried out by Deloitte, shows that the older one gets, the more TV one watches. People in the 14-25 age group (that’s me!) watch, on average, 10.5 hours of TV per week. Read More

  • Study: 18% of people can't tell if they're watching true HDTV content or not

    Well this is shocking news. Apparently some 18 percent of HDTV owners can’t tell the difference between high-def programming and standard-def programing when viewed on their screens. That’s what Leichtman Research Group concludes based on a survey of 1,302 households. That’s a telephone survey, mind you; there’s some controversy surrounding that type of poll these days. Read More

  • Dutch concrete cleans the air — just the air

    A study in the small Dutch town of Hengelo is conducting field research by the University of Twente to determine if a new type of concrete can reduce acid rain. Concrete paving stones are laced with photosensitive titanium dioxide. When used to pave highways, the additive reacts with sunlight and the nitrogen oxide particles emitted by car exhaust, thereby forming nitrates. The testing is… Read More

  • New study shows that many pirates would buy movies if they couldn't pirate

    An interesting study (PDF) carried out by an organization called Futuresource Consulting (and sponsored by Macrovision, for you tin foil hat types) just showed up in our inbox claiming that consumers love to pirate stuff, sorta. The study looked at folks in the United States and United Kingdom, and found that one-third of respondents admitted to the horrible crime of copying a DVD in the last… Read More

  • German study finds Comcast blocking BitTorrent traffic all day long, every day

    Flickr’d No day is complete without some sort of Comcast-bashing; I oblige. A German study has found that BitTorrent blocking really only occurs in two countries, here in the U.S. and in Singapore. Moreover, only cable ISPs bother to block BitTorrent traffic. The ISPs? Why, none other than Comcast and Cox, the two darlings of American Internet access. Read More

  • Big important study: Violent games so aren't bad for kids

    We’ve been saying for awhile that violent video games aren’t bad for kids, and now we’ve got research from Harvard to prove it. They spent nearly one and a half million dollars in four years following the habits of 1,200 kids. As it turns out, violent games are a good way for kids to relieve stress and it doesn’t roll over to real life in most cases. So it’s OK to… Read More

  • Tantrums vs. Science: Study shows that tennis judges have a 61% accuracy rating when challenged

    I could watch John McEnroe flip out all day long. Perhaps one of his most famous tantrums erupted during Wimbeldon in 1981 when a serve of his was called out. McEnroe argued that he saw a puff of chalk dust when the ball hit the ground, a sign that it hit the line. While the world may never know whether it was truly in or out, a recent study in a British journal has shown that in 2006 and… Read More

  • iPhone users are young, smug, and rich

    A new study by Rubicon Consulting finds that most iPhone users are very satisfied with their purchase that the most popular application is e-mail. 75% of iPhone users claim to do more mobile web browsing and many are disappointed by the limitations of Mobile Safari. The study also found that 50% of iPhones replaced standard cellphones and that the iPhone was the first phone for 10% of users. Read More

  • Study finds kids know playing loud music with their PMP isn't safe, don't care

    [photopress:pmphearing.jpg,full,center] Teens don’t give a damn about losing their hearing as a result of listening to their portable media player too loudly. That’s the conclusion of a Dutch study published in the March Journal of Pediatrics, which says that kids willingly crank their PMPs to the loudest volume level despite knowing how harmful it can be. The researchers suggest… Read More

  • Fodder for your "I need a bigger monitor" argument

    At my previous place of employment, I found myself in a puzzling predicament. I’d been given an underpowered desktop machine hooked up to a 17-inch CRT monitor and told to get to work managing projects and updating stories for highly-trafficked news web sites along with various other tasks involving a plethora of open desktop windows. I quickly became that guy at the office —… Read More

  • Study says that iPod could be responsible for robbery rate increase

    Steal this player It’s real simple—if you don’t wanna get robbed, don’t walk around bad neighborhoods with the standard iPod earbuds on. You’re just asking for trouble. I don’t see what’s so hard to understand about that. A recently released study from a DC think tank kinda suggests that iPods may be… Read More

  • Study says iPhone not great for txt messaging

    The iPhone “may not be suitable for heavy text use.” That’s the end-of-the-day result on a recent study comparing users’ text messaging abilities. The study, carried out by User Centric, compared iPhone users, QWERTY-based cellphone users and regular old multi-tap phone users. It found that iPhone users were able to text, generally, as fast as their QWERTY… Read More

  • Shock: Second Life is all hype says study

    Having spent a few hours “playing” Second Life (research, mind you), I definitely noticed a disconnect between the hype and what I actually experienced. To boil it down to two words—it sucked. Now there’s a real-life study from the Yankee Group backing up my complaints. In a nutshell… • The average SL user only logs on for 12 minutes per month • Growth… Read More

  • Looks Like The iPhone Needs Some Pizzazz

    I’m sure plenty of you are still excited about the iPhone, but when the end of June rolls around, will you buy one? It’s not looking likely according to a recent Markitecture poll. Out of 1300 people surveyed, only 6% said they were “likely to purchase the iPhone” when it comes out. The reason? Mostly the price and having to deal with a contract/specific carrier. Ouch! Read More

  • Mobile Music Floundering?

    Entertainment Media Research conducted a study regarding the proliferation of mobile music downloads, which found that 44 percent of users had no interest in downloading music to their cell phones. The survey also found that only 6 percent of mobile users would download music from their cellular provider’s portal. These numbers aren’t surprising to me in the slightest. For all… Read More