Who has their hand on the tap of deal flow?

Universities in the U.S. are a wellspring of innovation, but they are almost certainly killing off some (really) good ideas too early. Investors should be paying more attention to how innovation is tr

Future Finance raises $171M to grow its student loan platform in Europe

The idea of student loans is still a relatively new one in many parts of Europe, where university education in several countries is either entirely or largely subsidised by the government. But as t

The Tab Raises $3M For Its Hyperlocal News Site Written By Unpaid Student Journalists

The online disruption of journalism continues apace. Today The Tab, a hyperlocal news site aimed at young people and written mainly by “grassroots” (read: unpaid) student journalists, has

Friendsy Gets $500k To Grow Its .edu-Only U.S. Tinder Rival

Stay long enough in tech and you'll see the same ideas being recycled, usually with a slight twist. To wit: Friendsy, a student-only social network that's aiming to bringing Tinder-style meet-up ease

Google Expands Its Educational Platform “Classroom” With A New API, Share Button For Websites

Google Classroom, the company’s educational initiative that launched last year to allow teachers and students to communicate and collaborate with each other using Google tools and services, ha

Snapsolve For iPhone Lets Students Get Homework Help Just By Taking A Photo

A new mobile application called Snapsolve, launching today, is offering a way for students to receive help with their homework, just by snapping a photo of the problem at hand. However, unlike automat

StudyRoom Lets College Students Join Online Study Groups, Book Tutors

Launching publicly on the TechCrunch Disrupt stage this afternoon is a company called StudyRoom, which aims to take student study groups and tutoring online, and make them more social. The company has

Readyforce Gives Students A Chance To Explore Options Before Picking Their First Jobs

Readyforce, a professional network for college students, is launching a new tool aimed at students who have already received job offers but would like to see what else might be out there for them.

GetSet Uses Natural Language Processing To Reduce College Drop-out Rates

GetSet, a new stealthy US edtech startup that's aiming to reduce the high college drop-out rate is uncloaking today and revealing its first rollout at Arizona State University, with its 10,000+ freshm

Student Portfolio Site Seelio Raises Just Under $1 Million, Takes Its Platform Directly To Educators

<a target="_blank" href="">Seelio</a>, an Ann Arbor-based startup that allows students to set up an online portfolio to showcase their work in advance of having real-world job experi

StudentFreelance Pulls Students Away From Boring Studying And Drinking, Sticks Them Into The Real World

It's been a long time since I've been a student - we still carried "books" to school and would often enter computer "clusters" where we would do "homework" on "PCs" running "Windows NT" - but I do rem

Microsoft Wants Students To Give Office A Try, Gives Them Up To 6 Free Months Of Office 365, 20GB Of Extra SkyDrive Storage

With Office 365 out of the door, Microsoft has now set its sights on getting more college students to give it a try. The company, which already makes a heavily discounted $80/4 years version of Office

Used By 30% Of U.S. High Schools, Parchment Lands $23.5M To Bring Transcripts & Student Data Online

While education is becoming increasingly attractive to investors, there's still a lot of uncertainty in the space and companies with viable business models, revenue growth and substantial user bases r

With $20M Raised, MyEdu Launches New Tools To Help College Students Actually Connect With Employers

Launched in 2010, Austin-based <a target="_blank" href="">MyEdu</a> set out to help students reduce the cost of earning a college diploma and remove the friction from every aspec

Evernote For Education: Citelighter Teams Up With Cengage To Take The Pain Out Of Online Research

When it comes to conducting research for papers, homework assignments, etc., students primarily turn to the Web for information despite its inherent academic dangers. Naturally, with the diversity of

Studyhall Launches A Peer-To-Peer Learning & Collaboration Network For Students

<a target="_blank" href="">Studyhall</a>, which launches at TechCrunch Disrupt SF today, is a peer-to-peer platform and network that is built specifically for students. Sorry,

Now In 600+ Schools And Open To Any Student, Lore Gives Higher Ed A Next-Gen Social Network

With social networking having permeated the way we look for jobs, share photos and music, and discover news, a startup named <a target="_blank" href="">Lore</a> is on a mission to do t

With $1M In New Funding, Video Platform MediaCore Refocuses On Education, Hires Former Apple Education Exec Alan Greenberg

<a target="_blank" href="">MediaCore</a>, a company which <a href="

No More Boring Resumes: Seelio Lets College Students Showcase Their Work & Helps Employers Find Them

Looking to rethink the resume, a startup called <a target="_blank" href="">Seelio</a> is opening its doors today to anyone with a .edu email address. The company, which spun out of a

Social Collaboration Platform For Students Wiggio Hits 1M Users, Launches Paid Version

<a href="">Wiggio</a>, an online collaboration service designed for students, has been flying under the radar since raising <a href="
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