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Kimono Is A Smarter Web Scraper That Lets You “API-ify” The Web, No Code Required

A new Y Combinator-backed startup called Kimono wants to make it easier to access data from the unstructured web with a point-and-click tool that can extract information from webpages that don’t

Facebook Will Give Marketers Access To Conversation Data With Richer Identity Details Than Twitter

Facebook knows what you talk about, just like Twitter. But its edge is that it also knows who you are. Facebook's <a target="_blank" href="

Google Gives Webmasters New Tools For Adding Structured Data To Their Sites And Emails

Google is making it easier for webmasters to add more structured data to their sites that will then help Google index and display these sites with rich snippets on its search results pages. This struc

Local Business Data Provider Locu Raises Seed Round

<a href="">Locu</a>, a data-focused startup founded by MIT graduates and computer science researchers, is closing a seed round of over $600,000 from East and West coast investors, inc